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Sunday, 27 October 2013

A warm welcome to kittyblackadder...

Hello, and welcome to anyone reading this :)
I'm never sure how to start something like this without sounding unbelievably forced, so I'll start with a little basic information about myself and what I hope to grow this empty space into.

Who am I?
Surprisingly enough my name is Kitty Blackadder and I'm a 22 year old recent graduate living on the west coast of Scotland.

Why do I want to write a blog?
I'm an artist - I also studied art at Uni - and I've been keeping visual journals about my life, likes, loves and loathes for years - this seems like a natural creative extension for me. I also, thanks to now having a 9-5 'proper' job in a field that I'm rather disinterested in,  am finding that my time and motivation for my passions of art and style is slipping away, and so I thought starting something like this might give me the slap across the face I need about the whole thing.

What's the blog about?
It's about a variety of things - that will no doubt ebb and flow with time anyway. Ultimately it's about life, style, creativity and development. And cats. There will be cats.

Well, that seems like enough for a brief introduction. I know that what's missing is a face to put to the name and, well, I've checked and I have not a single photo of myself on my PC! Wow. I shall add one up when I find one.:)
Bye for now - I promise the next post will have some actual content in it!


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