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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Custom Advent Calendars - The Naughty One for Myself!

Ok so, does doing myself a little advent calendar make me a bad person? Maybe? A little? Argh, I feel guilty, but on the other hand it is just little treats and a lot of it is stuff I would probably have bought anyway, just this way I’m making myself wait to get it. So really it’s an exercise in planning and discipline. Yeah. That sounds much less crazy… right guys?

So anyway, as I’ve done little descriptions for everyone else, I feel as though I should do one for me, but really… I’m writing a beauty/style blog, does that not say enough about what I’d like as Christmas gifts?

KITTY: 22 (sob, where has my youth gone), art graduate, t-total and total home-buddy. Aside from the obvious obsession with nail varnishes and body scrubs, I also love nature, cooking, reading, films and my cats.

Well, that felt oddly like writing a personal add… looking for someone who enjoys long walks on the beach and getting caught in the rain.

Enough with the pre-amble, let’s begin:

December 1st – Amazon, Cadbury’s Clusters

Starting mine off nice and simple (and cheap) I’ve gone with something that I can spend Sunday the 1st nibbling away on. I love these and I’m always keeping my eye out for when they’re on offer somewhere, so I was mighty chuffed to see them selling on Amazon for much cheaper than I’d seen anywhere else. Mmmm.. bargain chocolate. I can genuinely eat a whole bag in about 20 minutes, I really will need to be careful with these!

Cost for the day; £0.80

Overall cost to date; £0.80

December 2nd – Boots, Sanctuary Mud Hair Mask

This is something I would probably have bought anyway, but unwrapping it will make it seem more exciting. My hair has seemed really breakable and lacklustre recently and I’m really trying to hunt out some products that are more than just gimmicky labelling – I want results darn it! I really like the Sanctuary range and so I’m optimistic about trying this one.

Cost for the day; £2.00

Overall cost to date; £2.80

December 3rd – H&M Earrings

I don’t actually really know why I bought these. I’ve been going through a little phase recently where, after years of shunning it because I thought it made my eyebrows look funny, I’ve suddenly realised that I can wear pink. Yeah. So I guess I got these as I don’t really own any pink earrings and things like this are a good way to gently get yourself used to working with a colour that you’re not used to.

Cost for the day; £1.00

Overall cost to date: £3.80

December 4th – Thorntons, Santa lollipop

Again, trying to keep the money I’m spending on myself down a little, today we just have a little chocolate treat. I saw him when I was in getting something else and it just took me right back to being a kid. I just had to try one! It’s actually a nice little thing, I kind of wish I’d put one in my sisters – festive, fun and um… flavourful.

Cost for the day; £0.60

Overall cost to date; £5.40

December 5th – Boots, White Collection, Mini Body Wash in Reviving Mandarin

I’ve already written about these in both Mum and Jenna’s sections and so I can’t think of another way to word it imaginatively. I LOVE the smell of this stuff. I’ve actually bought the candle as a gift for someone, but I’m wrestling with whether or not to actually get them something else and just keep this one for me.

Cost for the day; £0.67

Overall cost to date; £6.07

December 6th – Scratch Card

A little chance at luck for me today. I never buy them, as in, I don’t know if I’ve ever bought myself one, but I thought it would be fun. I’m typically not lucky with stuff like this at all… not sure I’ve ever won something at a raffle *sigh*… so I’m not anticipating future blog posts to be coming to you from a swimming pool in LA, but hey, you have to try to win I guess.

Cost for the day; £1.00

Overall cost to date; £7.07

December 7th – Poundland, Skittles Candle in Melon Berry

Ok, so I was having a wander around Poundland, killing time for some reason, and I was drawn to these thinking, huh, surely Skittles candles can’t be as bad as Skittles milkshakes. I was right. There were, I think, three different smells on the shelf, two of which smelt very cheap and plasticy, and then there was this one. I’m still not convinced it will be up to much when it actually burns, but it smells so fruity and good in the packaging that curiosity totally overcame me!

Cost for the day; £1.00

Overall cost to date; £8.08

December 8th – eBay, Nail Stickers

These are from the same place as I got Sister’s ones – they were a bargain. As I said in her post, I’m not sure what the quality will be like, but I’m always really clumsy and bad with these things, so it’s probably best I stick to cheaper ones anyway. I picked out one design, and the other (they yellow) one was sent as a free mystery bonus which I thought was cool!

Cost for the day; £1.00

Overall cost to date; £9.09

December 9th – Primark, Xmas Socks

My first pair of Christmas socks! They came in packs of three for £2 which actually went through the till at £1 – bargain! I’m super excited for them as while I have a couple of festive slipper socks, I don’t actually any festive “normal” socks – so these will be great to have.

Cost for the day; £0.33

Overall Cost to date; £9.42

December 10th – Burt’s Bees, Lemon Cuticle Cream

My first item from the bigger, broken up kit. I’ve never used this from Burt’s Bees before, but I’m really excited to. I haven’t tried a whole load of their products but what I’ve tried, I’ve loved and so I’m seriously hoping I’ll love this for my cuticles, nail area as boy, are they suffering just now!

Cost for the day; £1.40

Overall cost to date; £10.84

December 11th – Primark, Christmas Studs

This was a pack up six studs for £2 that I’ve broken up and given us each 2 pairs each as I felt more than that was sort of overkill. I’m looking forward to these as I can wear them to work and feel all festive, without the whole world having to know. My naughty Christmas secret. Hee hee.

Cost for the day; £0.67

Overall cost to date; £11.51

December 12th – Marks & Spencers, lip balm

This is a nice big tub of lip balm, and strawberry too, yum! Think I’ll probably keep this one by my bed and take smaller tubs around with me. I’ve never used it before so I can’t comment on the effectiveness, but I had a cheeky little sniff and it’s super yummy!

Cost for the day; £0.75

Overall cost to date; £12.26

December 13th – Poundland, Revlon Nail Varnish

Yes, yet another Poundland nail varnish find. I have bought far, far too many in there recently. It’s not a bargain at a pound if you buy 30. Remember that Kitty.

Anyway, really excited about this one as I’m so hugely into pastels at the moment and this is such a winter appropriate, cool green. I cannot wait to get this on my nails!

Cost for the day; £1.00

Overall cost to date; £13.26

December 14th - Boots, Boots Extract mini Mango body butter

In the dead of winter you can just never have too many body butters, or certainly I, with my super dry skin, can’t. This has such a lovely smell that I think will be really nice and fresh in winter. I’ve never used this lotion before so I can’t comment as to the quality, but I’m looking forward to finding out!

Cost for the day; £1.33

Overall cost to date; £14.59

December 15th – Marks & Spencers, Christmas Pants

Woohoo, it’s novelty pants time! Gotta love novelty knickers – so you can be festive even at your innermost layer. Boom.

Cost for the day; £1.05

Overall cost to date; £15.64

December 16th – Burt’s Bees, Honey and Grapeseed hand cream

Seriously looking forward to trying this. I have a little L’occitane tube on the go at the moment, but that should be all gone just in time for this arriving. Haven’t even had a sniff at this one yet, but like I’ve said, I love everything from Burt’s Bees I’ve tried, so I’m optimistic.

Cost for the day; £1.40

Overall cost to date; £17.04

December 17th – Primark Christmas Socks

I love how over the top and festive this pair is. You’ve got the glittery cuff and toe part, the bold stripes in the background, the busy pattern laid over, and on top of that, the little stockings have fluff cuffs. At Christmas, more is more. Understated is not an option.

Cost for the day; £0.33

Overall cost to date; £17.37

December 18th – Marks & Spencers Coconut Hand Cream

I cannot stand eating coconut, the consistency just disgusts me. In everything from curries to Bounty bars; yuk. The smell however, is a whole other ball game – the smell of coconut is fantastic. For some reason though, I don’t seem to own very much with that smell – that certainly needs rectified!

Cost for the day; £0.40

Overall cost to date; £17.77

December 19th – LUSH, 100g Snow Fairy

Okay, I know I was bad with this one; this one is not on budget. But I so, so wanted some this year and I would have bought myself it anyway, so really, it’s good I’ve managed to only get the small bottle and make it to December 19th without using any! I love the smell of this, and that’s weird because I don’t normally love overly sweet smells, and let’s face it, this is about as sweet as it gets! I don’t know if I could use it all the time, but it’s not Christmas unless there’s Snow Fairy.

Cost for the day; £3.50

Overall cost to date; £21.27

December 20th  - The Body Shop, Lip Balm in Passion Fruit

As well as body lotions, I also firmly believe it’s impossible to ever have enough lip balms at this time of year and this one looked far too delicious to ignore. I haven’t used it yet (obviously) but the colour is beautiful and it smells delicious, I can’t wait to be applying it to my dry and sore lips.

Cost for the day; £0.80

Overall cost to date; £22.07

December 21st – LUSH, Cinders Bath Bomb

Ok, Ok, I screwed up twice and there’s two naughty LUSH things in here! But there had to be a bath bomb! So close to Christmas this will be amazing. Soaking in a big hot tub after a stressful day of work/wrapping/cooking and having this in all of it’s fruit punch smelling glory to keep me company.

Cost for the day; £2.45 (see, that’s not that bad..)

Overall cost to date; £24.52

December 22nd – eBay, nail art sticks

I have tiny, ugly little finger nails and realistically I know that most nail art cannot easily be done on such a small, oddly shaped canvas. But a girl can dream. And try. And get frustrated. These were super cheap on eBay and so I just had to try them out and see what, if anything, I can do with them.

Cost for the day; £1.19

Overall cost to date; £25.71

December 23rd – Boots, White Collection, Mini Body Lotion in Reviving Mandarin

I’m sick of typing about this stuff so I can only imagine how sick you all are of hearing about it. Anyway, to recap (one last time) it was a bargain, I love the smell and body lotion are super useful.

Cost for the day; £0.67

Overall cost to date; £26.38

December 24th – Amazon, Weleda Mini Body Washes

I actually bought these so impulsively a few weeks ago and when they arrived I thought that the best (most guilt free way) thing to do with them was to put them in here. I’ve had a couple of Weleda products through Birchbox and I was interested to try out more of them – I thought these little 20ml minis would be a great way to do that. They were in the Birchbox shop for £10 and so when I saw them on Amazon for £6.66 I snapped them up. I have had a sneaky sniff of them and wow, these smell so rich and fantastic, I’m very excited!!

Cost for the day; £6.66

Overall cost to date; £33.04

And that’s my cheeky little advent calendar for myself. I’ve been a naughty kitten, I know, but hey, life’s too short.

I think I’ll be quite chuffed with it when I open all the ‘surprises’ lol.

Have you ever done an advent calendar for yourself? What did you put in it? Or, what would you put in it?

Thanks for reading along!



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