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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Custom Advent Calendars - The One for the Boyfriend

Hello peeps!
Here's the third post in this series of custom advent calendar posts (which I am trying frantically to get done before December 1st). Firstly I apologise for the lack of photos in this one. I think I only have 16 of the 24 items photographed, and there's no group shot either. I've not been well the past couple of days and therefore haven't been in town to pick up the remaining bits and bobs. 
Anyway, this calendar was tough. Boys are hard to buy for as they don't appreciate nail varnish or sparkles! I tried my best, but honestly, I'm not sure. I'd love to hear what you think of it.
Here's a reminder about the kind of guy my boyfriend is:

BOYFRIEND: 31 years old, college student/self employed in the leisure industry, no real hobby (well, except swimming… but there’s not much one can buy for that!), likes food, doesn’t drink much, is definitely not a typical ‘lad’ kind of guy – more of an old fashioned, rugged, wilderness man.  Finding his calendar to be the most difficult, by far!

So without any more waffling, let's get started!

December 1st – Amazon, Elizabethen Mini Preserves, Strawberry Preserve with Redcurrants and Honey

Kenny, the boyfriend, likes his food. He loves cheese, bread, jam, fruit, chutneys – simple, tasty food that can be mixed and matched… and is great for a cheeky late night supper. I thought I’d get him a nice little jam or two as normally he just buys himself the cheap supermarket stuff. Also, these are nice little sizes (42g) so he won’t get totally sick of eating them. These came as a pack of four; two have gone to Kenny and two have gone in my Gran’s advent calendar.
Cost for the day; £0.90
Overall cost to date; £0.90

December 2nd – Amazon, Whoopee Cushion
I’m sure I’m asking for trouble giving him this, but I’m also sure he’ll enjoy himself thoroughly with it. Sometimes the simple, classic ones are the best. Fart noises never stop being funny for boys as I’m sure this gift will prove.
Cost for the day; £0.84
Overall cost to date: £1.74

December 3rd – Primark, Christmas Socks
I know, how original, he’ll never see it coming. Still, I think he only owns black socks so it’ll be nice to break up the monotony a bit, and besides, who doesn’t love festive socks! They came in a pack of five for £4, annoyingly, two of those pairs were plain so I’ll just keep them aside and give them to him after this is all over!
Cost for the day; £0.80      
Overall cost to date; £2.54

December 4th – Tesco/Asda, Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger Beer
He’s not a big drinker really (he’s too old now and gets three day hangovers). But sometimes he does enjoy a bottle or two of this stuff after a long day of college/work/lying around reading. I thought it would be a nice thing to get and something that would be quickly used up and not become clutter. I’ve also given him this on a Wednesday, which is a night he’s likely to drink it as he doesn’t have college on a Thursday.
Cost for the day; £1.70
Overall Cost to date; £4.24

December 5th – Chisholms (local delicatessen), Stromboli Coffee      
He may not drink a lot of alcohol, but boy does he go through coffee! He doesn’t function without about three double espressos in a day. He has his little stove top espresso pot and it’s the first thing he uses in the morning. Now that he’s a student he’s taken to buying cheaper, even (gasp) pre-ground coffee, but he still loves the good stuff, and Stromboli is his favourite. I’m going to give him a couple of little 100g bags and try not to feel too much like a drug dealer as I sit and weigh it all out and wrap it in cling film.
Cost for the day; £2.00
Overall cost to date; £6.24

December 6th – Wilkinsons, Alien Slingshot
Again, I’m sure the gift I’m giving him here is a way to annoy me for a day (or until the aliens get “lost”) but seeing as this is the man who chases my mother around wielding a Nerf Gun… this is probably a good gift. I’m not sure how well it will work, but, anyway, he’ll have great fun trying.
Cost for the day: £1.50
Overall cost to date: £7.74

December 7th – Thorntons, Alpini Bars
Alpini are his favourite Thorntons chocolates. I learned this the hard way when he ate all of mine. He often finds boxes/bags of chocolates a little girly, so that’s why I’ve went for the clearly much more masculine bars. That way he can put them in his handbag rucksack.
Cost for the day; £1.20
Overall cost to date; £8.94

December 8th – Poundland, Cadburys Chocolate Coins
Come on, it isn’t Christmas if you don’t have chocolate coins. Last year I scattered a bag in his Christmas present gift bag and he actually moved the still unopened presents out the way to get to the chocolate coins. Yeah. The may not be unusual or inventive, but they’re classic for a reason.
Cost for the day; £1.00
Overall cost to date; £9.94

December 9th – Scratch Card
Just a bit of fun… or toddler like frustration depending on the result really. Not sure how he feels about scratch cards, but it’s just something different to do. And again, it’ll be used up and won’t just be clutter. (You know, unlike the alien shooter and the whoopee cushion…)
Cost for the day; £2.00
Overall cost to date: £11.94

December 10th  - LUSH, Golden Wonder Bath Bomb
Okay wait, let me explain! This isn’t as selfish as it seems. Well, not entirely! My family were reminiscing fondly about how much we loved bath bombs when my sister and I were kids, and about how exciting and magical they were for us. Kenny happens to mention that he’s never had a bath bomb?!? I almost called social services. What a deprived child! So I had to rectify that, clearly. And this one I felt was appropriately glittery and magical. Bring it on! Of course, ahem, since then we've actually used one and so technically, there's no need for him to get this one. But hey, he seemed to enjoy the one we used... sort of... once he managed to get all the glitter off him.
Cost for the day; £3.50
Overall cost to date; £15.44

December 11th – Amazon, text highlighter strips
Kenny has recently gone back into education as a mature student and is working towards his degree. I am immensely proud of him, as I think getting used to early mornings and homework has been a bit of a shock to the system! Anyway, because he’s been out of education for a good few years, he’s not up to speed with revision tools/funky stationary stuff and I know he’s keen to try things that might work for him and help him out. So I got him these, little stick on highlighter strips, useful for when you want to highlight but don’t want it to bleed through the page.
Cost for the day; £0.70
Overall cost to date: £16.14

December 12th – Poundland, sports water bottle
In addition to swimming he has now also taken up going to the gym which is a relief as there’s actually a few things I can buy to go with that. This is a water bottle that has a core section that can be taken out, filled with water and then frozen. It will then cool surrounding water. I thought this was handy as even if he refills the bottle two or three times in quick succession, the core section should keep doing its thing and chilling the water.
Cost for the day; £1.00
Overall cost to date; £17.14

December 13th – Poundland, Cadburys mini selection box
There’s probably not a whole lot to say about this. It’s a staple Christmas item; you have to get a selection box. It’s like the law. Kenny loves chocolate and so I thought he’d enjoy having a few different mini ones to munch on today. I initially thought this was a decent price, but actually, having now seen various offers that are on, I could probably have got him the bigger one for much the same. Oops.
Cost for the day; £1.00
Overall cost to date: £18.14

December 14th – Chisholms, (local delicatessen), Stromboli Coffee
Another little bag of this stuff. I actually wanted to wait until later on to give him the second bag, you know, space things out a little more, but coffee is always better fresher. I’ll be sealing it in bags and wrapping it up tight, but still, the sooner the better probably.
Cost for the day; £2.00
Overall cost to date; £20.14

December 15th – eBay, Microfibre Towel
This, again, is for taking to the gym. I bought it from a UK based company, through their outlet on eBay. It’s really small in size, it’s like a microfibre flannel really, but I figured it would be good for wiping his face when he’s working out. Eeew.
Cost for the day; £2.3
Overall cost to date; £22.34

December 16th – Amazon, page marker sticky tab things
Again, another useful tool for studying. I went through far too many of these in my Uni days – every book became so fragile because there were about 300 rainbow coloured tabs sticking out of it. These are great for marking out points you want to go back and reference. I got these ones on Amazon as they were a bargain, had good reviews, and the come in a cute little leather look box!
Cost for the day: £1.19
Overall cost to date; £23.53

December 17th – Primark, Christmas socks
Woah, that’s right, two pairs this time! Really pushing the boat out as we get closer to Christmas. Well, that and I thought it would be far too boring to have three days as ‘sock days’, so I’ve just doubled up here.
Cost for the day; £1.60
Overall cost to date; £25.13

December 18th – Cadbury’s Christmas Animal Biscuits
Kenny loves animal biscuits and eats them regularly all year round, however he swears that the Christmas ones taste better somehow. Christmas magic of course. Anyway, thought he’d appreciate a(nother) packet of them – though it seems a little dull to me to include it.
Cost for the day; £1.00
Overall cost to date; £26.13

December 19th – Wilkinsons, revision cards
Saw these and thought of all the fun he could have either revising, or making a little flip page cartoon. These are handy for him to write down a specific formula or other thing that is used for electronics (I do pay attention when he talks, it just goes over my head). Or, for when you want to make a little show about a man falling down the stairs.
Cost for the day; £2.00
Overall cost to date; £28.13

December 20th -  Tesco/Asda, Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger Beer
Feel I’ve said all there is to say about this above, so I’ll just say; CHEERS, and leave it at that.
Cost for the day; £1.70
Overall cost to date; £29.83

December 21st – Amazon, Elizabethen Mini Preserves, Brambleberry jam
The second mini jam jar! I’ve given this on a Saturday so he will have time to eat it in the morning with croissants if he likes. Although, given that it’s the last Saturday before Christmas, I envision he might have some last minute dashing around to do and a leisurely breakfast may be out of the question!
Cost for the day; £0.90
Overall cost to date; £30.73

December 22nd – Amazon, Cadbury’s Clusters
Kenny and I both go daft for these. They’re so unbelievably moreish and the raisins in them mean they don’t get too sweet and mean that you easily can eat a whole bag in one sitting. Or at least I do anyway. Awkward.
Cost for the day; £0.80
Overall cost to date; £31.53

December 23rd – eBay, travel wash bag
Another (hopefully) useful item for taking to the gym/pool with him. It’s a little wash bag with a couple of different compartments and a hanger. Ideal for hanging up when showering at the pool so things don’t get splashed and ruined. I think at the moment he’s using a very stylish Sainsburys carrier bag, so this can only be an improvement!
Cost for the day; £2.20
Overall cost to date; £33.73

December 24th – eBay, waterproof notebook
This is, again, for the gym and pool. I know he likes to make notes about… y’know, exercise stuff. I don’t know exactly what – can you tell I’m not a gym bunny? – but I know for example he likes to keep track of how far he’s rowing etc. but obviously, with the sweating (eeeeeeeeew) it’s not that easily done. So I thought this would help. And hopefully, as a bi-product, he’ll stop having the conversation where he tells me how hard it is to make notes because he’s so sweaty. Here’s hoping!
Cost for the day; £1.49
Overall cost to date; £35.22

So there you go, that’s his advent calendar. I struggled with this one more than any of the others, by far. I feel like it has the least cool, unique, surprising stuff and yet, it also cost the most! I did put a lot of thought into it, he’s just so hard to buy for, but even if he doesn’t love it, I guess it’s the thought that counts!

Have you made a calendar for your boyfriend/male relative before? What did you put in yours?

Thanks for reading,

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