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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Beauty Empties - November 2013

** This post was updated slightly in 2017, to add some more recent thoughts and reviews under some of the products, as well as updating links which were now defunct**

 Hello everyone, seeing as how a lot of my posts so far have been about products I've recently bought but am not that familiar with, I thought today I'd do something different and tell you about some products that I've not only tried, but have also finished! 

Firstly, sorry for the missing label - I've been working through this for quite a while and I guess the label left us at some point without me noticing! Anyway, as I said, I've had this one for a while, but not because I dislike it, it's actually because I love it. I adore the smell of Sanctuary products; they remind me of Christmas and happy times. However, I'm the kind of person who, when I love something, I'll use it at every opportunity ... Until I completely sicken myself of it. In an effort not to do that with Sanctuary products, I always have something on the go, but only use it once a week or so; normally when I'm having some pamper time. So yeah, I've finished my probably 100th tub of the butter and have already repurchased - it's such a classic, timeless smell, I can't imagine being without it. In terms of actual function as a moisturiser, I think it's actually pretty good. Often with these kinds of things it's either perfume or function - but this butter does pretty well at ticking both boxes, and it doesn't aggravate my sensitive skin! 

This is maybe a little mundane to include in an empties post, and normally I wouldn't add it in as it's like toothpaste or deodorant - once you finish one you just buy another, it's an essential toiletry rather than an optional beauty item. Or at least until now they have been. I don't know if I got a bad tub or what, but recently I've found Quickies just aren't working for me like they used to. They're smearing the nail varnish everywhere rather than actually removing it- meaning that rather than them being quicker than the old bottle and cotton wool removal method, I now just have to do that additionally. Like I said, maybe I just got a bad packet of them, but either way I think I'll have a little break from using them and go back to being old school.

**Note added in September 2017: It must have been a bad packet! I've used goodness knows how many since and they've all been great!**

Bourjois Paris Waterproof Clubbing Volume Mascara **In September 2017, this is now discontinued**

This actually isn't empty but has done that thing mascara will do to tell you it's had enough; go all gloopy and impossible to use. (Embarrassingly) I actually bought this for going to Florida... in September 2012. Oops. The packaging does say it's only good for three months so I guess I can't complain about it dying on me now!
I bought this mascara because of it's claimed durability; that it's tested by clubbers at foam parties and is completely water, tear and sweat proof. For anyone who hasn't been to Disney World in Summer. It's hot. But the heat isn't the real issue; it's the extreme humidity that will wreak havoc with most makeup. It also rains basically every day in Summer; heavy rain that will leave you panda-eyed in minutes. Then there's all the water rides; they don't call it Splash Mountain for nothing. So basically, it's tough for makeup out there. As a result I just don't wear much, but I can't not wear mascara and eyeliner - I look half asleep and featureless without it. This mascara is a miracle for Florida holidays. I will repurchase it for every trip! It is exactly as durable as it claims to be - and then some. It also doesn't clump and doesn't irritate my eyes much. After about 10-12 hours, it does annoy me a bit, but again, I think that's due to the climate and not the makeup really. At home, I don't wear this much, unless I know it's pouring with rain and I'll be out in it for a bit. I find it a bit harsh on my eyelashes long term, so I tend to keep it as an "in case of emergency" item.

Elizabeth Green Tea Scent Spray, 100ml for £14.00

This is another product I've been working through for quite some time. Since December 2011 in fact. I know...oops. I bought it in the Christmas sales because I just loved the smells and it was heavily reduced in a gift set with the body lotion and the shower gel. My family like to make fun of me for wearing this - they say it's an old lady perfume. I don't know, I mean admittedly, I've never known anyone my age to wear it, but honestly, if it's wrong, I don't want to be right! I LOVE this smell. To me it smells so clean, but not in any way chemical or sterile. It's like lying in clean sheets, when you're just out the shower, and it's summer and the window's open. Possibly the least useful description of a smell ever, sorry. I think it's a fantastic fragrance. It's not very in your face, so it's great for wearing to work or to interviews, but also, I find it lingers for a long, long time which s great as I never remember to reapply.

Have you used any of these products? What do you think?

What products have you finished recently, and are you sad to see them go, or glad they're finally gone?

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