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Friday, 15 November 2013

6 Products Tried and Tested from the Lacura Skincare Range at Aldi

**This post was updated in September 2017: I redid some of the reviews in here to reflect the fact that some of these products I've now been using for years!**

In recent years Aldi has come to light as having some interesting and unexpected stock, namely, their Lacura skincare range. It has been heralded in numerous newspapers and magazines, as well as online, as being a true hidden gem; stuff that actually works for prices we actually like.

I've been using the 3 in 1 Facial Cleansing Wipes from there for years - they sell for 69p a pack, and each pack contains 30 wipes- not because I'm some beauty investigator, always on the forefront of trying out new things, nope, it's because they're some of the very few wipes I had encountered that I'm not allergic to. They were of excellent quality - they removed all my makeup - even the waterproof stuff - they smelled nice, they're very cheap and they didn't bring me out in a painful red rash which is, you know, always a plus. 
As you might be able to tell from the fact that that last paragraph was written in the past tense; I'm writing this part in 2017, when things have changed. Sometime in 2016 they reformulated these wipes; the wipes themselves are thinner and drier now, come with a nasty, cheap floral scent and leave my skin red raw. Really gutted as these were amazing for so long, but alas I've had to stop using them.

Then we have the Nourishing Hand Cream. It retails at 79p for 125 ml and comes in a few varieties (anti-aging etc.). I used this orignal one up completely and repurchased over and over again, until, sadly, they seemingly did away with this "Original" version. This version was my Holy Grail hand cream: nourishing without being greasy and pleasantly scented without being over-powering. I've recently been using the "Intensive" version instead which is just not the same: it's good but it doesn't have that wonderful glycerin-rich protective vibe the other one had, it's just a run of the mill hand lotion.

Then we have two products from the AQUA-Complete range - the day cream,which retailed at £1.99 for 50ml and then the Multi Intensive Serum which retailed at £3.49 for 50ml. I believe Aldi has now discontinued this entire line, which, to be honest is no loss to me a I turned out to be pretty darned allergic to something in both of these products! Ouch!

(Sorry, I forgot to photograph the night cream individually; it's the glass jar at the base of the body lotion!)

Then we also have the Renew-Q10 night cream - this, is £1.69 for 50ml. I used this cream on and off for years, as did my mum; in fact, I believe she still uses it. I was always torn between this being a pretty good product for the price in the sense that it really did hydrate and soften my dry, dull skin, but on the other hand having such a strong smell of floral gums and leaving me a greasy mess that I really didn't look forward tp slathering myself in it at bed time!

Lastly there's two products I really debated buying - I'll explain why. Firstly there's the Softening Silk Body Wash that isn't technically Lacura, it's from the body range "AquaV". Now I love nice shower stuff, it's probably how I enjoy pampering myself the most - LUSH, and Molton Brown, these are the things I love to use.  So, I wondered if there was much point in me trying this - would I actually use it? But, in the interest of research I did, and I did use up the whole bottle. That the packaging looks cheaper than the Lacura products, but then at 95p for 300ml, I can't really complain. The smell and texture though are pleasantly surprising. It's lovely and smooth, definitely a cream wash, rather than a gel. I actually really enjoyed using it in the shower - it's very, very creamy , which is always a nice sensation with dry skin! My skin felt lovely in the shower, but I don't know that it had any long lasting effects. If times got tough then I'd use this without any issue; it's a satisfactory product (and I'm not allergic to it!), but it didn't really WOW the way some of the Lacura face stuff does, in other words, I wouldn't go out of my way for it.

Lastly there's the £1.39 for 500ml body moisturiser from Lacura. My apprehension with picking this up had nothing to do with the product itself - it smells nice and I have great faith in Lacura stuff overall, I'm sure the body lotion is good. It's me that's the problem. I have such sensitive/dry skin that it's a challenge to find a lotion that helps rather than harms the whole situation. I get nervous trying new body moisturisers as I'm often either allergic, or they seem to dry the skin out more and set me back a few steps. Unfortunately, I ended up not getting on too well with this lotion. It was a thinner consistency than I like, which sadly reflected the fact that I found it only very slightly hydrating, and greasy on application. Maybe this lotion would work for those with less dry skin, but with all the options out there these days, and plenty of budget ones at that, I think I'd have a hard time recommending this one.

Do you use Aldi products? What do you think? Do you also struggle with dry/sensitive skin, if so, what products do you feel help?

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