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Friday, 15 November 2013

Lacura Skincare Range at Aldi

Hey, everyone just a quick post today, about something new I'm trying out.

In recent years Aldi has come to light as having some interesting and unexpected stock, namely, their Lacura skincare range. It has been heralded in numerous sources as being a true hidden gem; stuff that actually works for prices we actually like.
I've been using the 3 in 1 facial cleansing wipes from there for years - not because I'm some beauty investigator, always on the forefront of trying out new things, nope, it's because they're some of the very few wipes I've encountered that I'm not allergic to. I find them to be of excellent quality - they remove all my makeup - even the waterproof stuff - they smell nice, they're very cheap and they don't bring me out in a painful red rash which is, you know, always a plus. 
So I thought I'd head into Aldi and pick up some of their other skin care products, to see if they're on a par with the wipes.

Firstly, there's my loyal wipes (in the lovely, filthy, beat up packet.. should have bought a new one for photographing!). They sell for 89p a pack, and each pack contains 30 wipes. One wipe is always enough for me, and like I said, they're so, so gentle and not in any way drying.

Then we have the Nourishing Hand Cream. It retails at 75p for 125 ml and comes in a few varieties (anti-aging etc.) I've only been using this for a day or so, so I can't really give a full review, but so far - I'm impressed. It has a very light, beautiful, floral smell, the cream itself is light and non greasy and, it leaves a lovely (not unpleasant) kind of protective balm over your hands.

Then we have two products from the AQUA-Complete range. I've put these two together as I haven't had a chance to use either yet, so there isn't a lot to say!
AQUA-Complete is designed to be super moisturising basically - designed to be suitable for younger skin, it's a kind of pro-active approach to aging: keeping your skin so moisturised it won't dry out and wrinkle.
The first product is a day cream, it retails at £1.99 for 50ml. I LOVE the smell of this stuff. Again, it's really light and not overly perfumed, but this one is more citrus based than floral, and I love fresh, clean smells like that. It also comes in a lovely glass tub, so it certainly does not look as cheap as it is!
The second product is the Multi Intensive Serum. It's more pricy at £3.49 for 50ml, but even then, still a drop in the ocean compared to what a lot of other serums cost! This also is in a glass bottle, this time with a pump lid. It looks pretty fancy and attractive enough to be sitting out in the bathroom, rather than buried in a drawer! It (unsurpisingly) has the same, lovely scent as the other AQUA-complete product. I haven't used this yet, but I've had a little test of it and the consistency is lovely, so now it just comes down to the results.

(Sorry, I forgot to photograph the night cream individually; it's the glass jar at the base of the body lotion!)

Then we also have the Renew-Q10 night cream - this, like the day cream, is also £1.99 for 50ml. I have been using this one for a couple of weeks now. I was initially apprehensive as it's an anti-wrinkle cream, and, according to the packaging, isn't really meant for young skin. I thought it would be too heavy, but, I needn't have worried. This one carries a floral smell that's much stronger than the other products. I don't particularly enjoy the smell, I find it a little too 'old' for me, but that's just personal preference. One thing that can't be faulted though, is the results. This cream is great; not too heavy, not greasy, not sticky, not pore-clogging or pointless. Nope, this cream is a darn good moisturiser, and manages to avoid all the major pitfalls. My skin not only seems softer, but also brighter too - which is something that often gets me down about my skin. Sure, it's not blemished, but it is a nice shade of grey. Really can't recommend this cream enough.

And lastly, there's another two products I haven't tried extensively, and to be honest, I debated picking up at all - I'll explain why. Firstly there's the Softening Silk Body Wash that isn't technically Lacura, it's from the body range "AquaV". Now I love nice shower stuff, it's probably how I enjoy pampering myself the most - LUSH, Molton Brown, Sanctuary, these are the things I love to use. They make me happy! So, I wondered if there was much point in me trying this - would I actually use it? But, in the interest of research I did, and I will use it more. I promise. Initial thoughts are that the packaging looks cheaper than the Lacura products, but then at 95p for 300ml, I can't really complain. The smell and texture though are pleasantly surprising. It's lovely and smooth, definitely a cream wash, rather than a gel. I actually really enjoyed using it in the shower - it's very, very creamy and I had such a lovely time rubbing it all in that I didn't really want to rinse it off! My skin felt lovely in the shower, but I don't know that it had any long lasting effects. If times got tough then I'd use this without any issue; it's a satisfactory product (and I'm not allergic to it!), but it didn't really WOW the way some of the Lacura face stuff does, in other words, I wouldn't go out of my way for it. I've only used it twice though, so maybe after a couple more uses...

Lastly there's the £1.39 for 500ml body moisturiser. My apprehension with picking this up had nothing to do with the product itself - it smells nice and I have great faith in Lacura stuff overall, I'm sure the body lotion is good. It's me that's the problem. I have such sensitive/dry skin that it's a challenge to find a lotion that helps rather than harms the whole situation. I get nervous trying new body moisturisers as I'm often either allergic, or they seem to dry the skin out more and set me back a few steps.Still, I'll put my fears aside and try this one out in the hopes it's on a par with Lacura's other products! First impressions are that it has a surprisingly luxurious, thick formula and that it rubs in easily. It does coat the skin a little, so I don't know that I'd put it on right before getting dressed and heading out. The smell is inoffensive and floral based - not the kind of smell I generally like, but this one is really not very in your face about it. Haven't used it enough times to comment on the result yet I'm afraid!

So, I'll get experimenting and I'll report back once I've tried everything out. It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it.
Thanks for reading along. :)


Do you use Aldi products? What do you think? Do you also struggle with dry/sensitive skin, if so, what products do you feel help? Any other comments/suggestions/thoughts/questions, please leave them below - I'd love to read them! 

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