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Saturday, 23 November 2013

LUSH - Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb

Not a lot of blogging time today but I wanted to quickly share with you my love for this bath bomb!
It's one I've loved for quite some time, but not being a bath person, or having a LUSH near me, I don't use them often. Which, as much as it bums me out not having a LUSH close, is also kind of nice as it means when I do get and use bath bombs it's super special and like experiencing them for the first time again.
I actually got this one to show my boyfriend. He has never even seen a bath bomb before and I just knew that had to be rectified and I just thought that Dragon's Egg is the perfect way to start - it's like the big daddy of bath bomb effects; glitter, confetti, and popping candy, it's got them all!

So let me start off by saying that due to our boiler being about 40 years old our hot water was not at its best tonight. It was hot, but not cold winters night HOT if you know what I mean, and somehow that made the bath seem slightly less magical than usual. Sadly.
However, it was still pretty freaking awesome! I reverted back to a five year old watching it spin around and omit confetti... I felt the need to shriek out the different colours as they appeared as if somehow Kenny wasn't seeing them. He was also suitably impressed at both how long it took to do it's thing, and the sheer amount of foamy, glittery goodness it emitted.
The water turned a spectacular shade of golden orange and was filled with soooooo much fine golden glitter - it's so beautiful to look at, it's like it should be bottled and placed on a shelf to admire rather than bathed in. You can feel the lovely oils on your skin as soon as you get in and even now, hours later, my skin feels super smooth and smells AMAZING.
I was, as ever, super impressed with the quality of this LUSH bath bomb. It's such a rich smell and creates such silky bath water that you just know it's made with the good stuff and not nasty chemicals.

So that was my experience with the lovely Dragon's Egg bath bomb! Have you ever tried it? What's your favourite LUSH bath bomb?

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