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Monday, 4 November 2013

Poundland Beauty Haul - Part One.

**Hello everyone! I've given this post a little tidy in September 2017, to update the content and information just a little.**

 I know, I know - what a high end start to a blog. Classy. But wait until you see what I got -trust me, I was as surprised as you are!

That's right, that is enough nail varnish to paint a Renaissance fresco... If y'know, nail varnish was something that could be used to paint a fresco. Not that I've tried. So, the other day I was reading through, which is a site I check like crazy this time of year - you never know where that Christmas shopping bargain is lurking, as this post goes to show. Poundland it said, makeup it said. Yeah, great. But on further inspection I realised that this was indeed a good find. Lots of nail varnish, principally Revlon and OPI was available for, shockingly enough, £1. There were some eyeshadows too - Rimmel, Calvin Klein, Maybeline. Certainly enough promised sparkly stuff to colour this girl excited. So I popped in before work this morning and was delighted to find a fairly decent quantity and selection - I spent £17, but some is to be put into Christmas presents, I swear! (Also, some of you may have noticed that in the photo above, there isn't £17 worth of products - some of the things I bought as presents were 'doubles', so I didn't put them in twice!)

So, enough with the foreplay - what did I get? Well, initially when I heard there was OPI available I was mega psyched. It's a brand I've always wanted to try, people rave about it, but for some reason (read: the cost) it's always alluded me. Anyway, when I arrived at Poundland this morning I was disappointed to discover that the only OPI stuff left/available was the 'shatter' stuff, but hey, not disappointed enough that I didn't buy three bottles! 

I purchased "Shatter The Scales'" - which is a fantastic, super deep green sparkled black. It's such a beautiful colour, I so wish it wasn't a 'shatter' paint. I'll probably cry every time I apply it and watch it shatter. (Also, please excuse my thumb/finger that has made it's way into this photo - I'll get better at this, I promise!)

Sorry that I haven't swatched this one - I COULD NOT get the bloody lid off. I actually chipped two nails trying to. Which also explains why my nails are unpainted and hideous in these photos.  Anyway, this is "Super Bass Shatter" which is a deep, shimmery plum colour. I do think it's lovely, but I'll probably gift it to my little sister as part of her Christmas, because I'm nice like that.

 And lastly I chose the significantly less original "Pink Shatter". Unoriginal in both name and colour this is a much more flat shade that really doesn't have the dynamic look that the other two do. 
Anyway, moving away from nail varnish for a bit (as I try to separate this neatly into two posts) I'll show you the eyeshadow I purchased. There were several brands available in my local store;  Rimmel, Maybelline and Calvin Klein. And I sampled a little of each, y'know, for research purposes. While I've certainly owned products from each of these brands, I'm not sure I've ever used eye shadow from them. Pretty sure anyway.

So the Calvin Klein options were really limited, there were only a couple of shades, and to be honest, none that screamed, "buy me, or you'll regret it and live the rest of your life alone", but anyway, curiosity won over and I bought one anyway. It's a cream shadow in a warm, fairly deep, almost chocolatey, brown- there's no shade name. Looks like it will be too dark for work/day wear, but we'll see how it actually goes on and, more importantly, how it stays on. Again, I've heard people rave about this frequently, so it'll be good to see if it lives up to the rep.

I also got one little thing from Maybelline. Most of the colours were like peacock blues or similar; and frankly, I'm trying to step away from bright, over the top eye makeup and learn to use a more neutral 'work appropriate' *sigh* palette. Anyway , the one I got is a little duo palette, 'plum opal'. It's a very slightly pink hued, iridescent white and a slightly less shimmery warm plum colour. I'm dying to see how the iridescent white goes on - it looks so amazing in the pan, and the plum looks warm enough to be flattering but not so red toned it'll make me look like I've been pepper sprayed. As ever with eyeshadow though; no matter how pretty the colour in the box is; it's all about how it applies and to be honest, just based on the hand swatch, I'm not convinced about the white. It's fantastically pretty; little snow flakes of sparkle, but it doesn't seem to have a lot of staying power. Maybe with a primer it'll be ok.

After much deliberation - there must have been ten plus Rimmel palettes and colours - I chose two. One is 022 "Thrill Seeker"

The four colours it contains remind me of autumn; dark nights, golden leaves, crisp mornings and um... grass? Anyway, it does feel very autumnal to me, all puddles, welly boots and rain macs. None of which I've partaken in this autumn though. Strangely enough. The colours look lovely in the box but I have a horrible feeling they're actually going to go on much more sheer than I'm used to with eyeshadow.

The second one I got was  016 "Urban Flower", which is, in theory anyway, pretty much the perfect mini-palette for me, colour wise. Three slightly different toned neutrals that I can mix and match basically, and then a little pop of colour with the green - my favourite colour. Assuming the quality is alright then this would be the perfect 'emergency' eyeshadow to be left at my boyfriend's as it's pretty versatile and could sort me out for work makeup and more fun, weekend stuff.

Unfortunately these have not gone on as boldly as the other set, which is a bit odd. Maybe I just applied them badly - I'll certainly give them a go again soon, actually on my face this time and hope for some more intense colour. 

Anyway, I think I'll stop here and continue in another post - being new at this, I suspect it'll take me approximately 23.76 hours to work out how to upload photos, so best not give myself too many to work with.  
Thanks for taking the time to read along, I really appreciate it. I'll have Part Two uploaded in the next couple of days.

**Update in September 2017: This post is a few years old now, and unfortunately, I think Poundland makeup had it's heyday, as I've hardly seen anything good in stores recently. I could be wrong though and there might be a variance regionally, it's always worth checking!**

Did any of you get any of the OPI/Revlon stuff at Poundland? What product would you recommend as a base for these slightly invisible eye shadows? Any other thoughts/suggestions/comments or questions, please leave them below! 

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