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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Poundland Beauty Haul - Part Two

**This post was slightly updated and tidied in September 2017**

 Before I jump into the post, can I just say - how hard has it been to take photos these past few days?!? At no point has it actually fully been daylight - just never ending cloud cover and rain. I'm not even sure the sun is still there, and frankly, the temperature out there pretty much supports that theory. Anyway, apologies for the quality of the photos, can't blame the weather entirely for my incompetence ... but I'll give it a shot anyway.

So, in the Part One I was working my way through my Poundland purchases, so far: 3 OPI nail shatters and four different eye shadows, so I'll pick up now with the bulk of the nail varnishes which were from Revlon - from their "Top Speed" range. I've had one Revlon nail varnish before - I think it was in about 1999 and if I recall correctly I spilt it over my bedroom floor. I would assume the following, traumatic, parental bollocking is the reason I've never gone back to the brand. Or maybe it's because I'm lazy and unadventurous. 

Anyway, I am now the proud owner of 8 Revlon nail varnishes (I also bought a 'double' of two of the colours I chose, for my sister), though I'll admit, had they been full price there's only one colour I'd have actually considered purchasing.

Anyway, I'll work through these in no particular order. First up we have "610 Lily". Lily is a very pale, cold toned lilac. I have been LOVING pastel toned nail varnishes recently, and yet, for some reason, there's something about this colour I find I don't like. I don't know why. Maybe I'll like it more when I actually wear it?

Next up is "305 Electric" which is a bold, warm, slightly shimmery yellow. I do love this colour, though I couldn't have justified buying it full price as I already have several yellows and for some reason, never wear them much. I think I have some bizarre paranoia that at a glance people might just think I have massively nicotine stained fingers. Who knows. Anyway, this is the only yellow I own that has a shimmer to it, the rest are all quite matte, so from that point of view it's a nice addition.

 Next up is "810 Hazy" a very pale, cream finish, blue/grey. I actually do like grey nail varnish - I always think it's a way to have inoffensive, neutral nails without resorting to the more 'standard' pinks. That being said, I do already have a couple of greys, so again, I couldn't have really justified buying this one full price.

And then there's "043 Forbidden" which in the bottle looks like a rather unpleasant reddish-brown, but thankfully, on the nail is a much nicer, less muddy red. I think it's a great colour for winter, nice and warm - and socially acceptable to wear to the office, always a bonus. While on one hand I'm thrilled it's not the muddy colour it appears to be in the bottle, the downside of that is that it is in fact almost exactly the same colour as a nail varnish I already own. Again. 

Then there's "330 Emerald" which is the one I would have been tempted to buy even at full price. Don't know that I'd have called it emerald though, I'd say it's more of a mid pine green? There's no shimmer to it, it's a very interesting, almost indefinable colour and, most importantly, I don't already have one exactly like it.

Then there's "420 Poppy" Which again, I think is misnamed. It's definitely more of a peachy pink. It's quite shimmery and orange based, whereas most of the pinks I already own are cooler and clearer - so this is a useful addition to my collection, though I did feel the coverage with this one was poorer than with the others? Maybe just my imagination though - I was somewhat distracted by watching QI at the same time as I was testing this one. 

Then we have "830 Golden". Now, I just want to start by saying that in general, I'm not convinced by gold nail varnish. I think it looks bad a lot of the time - it's just not very flattering on a lot of skin tones, in my opinion and my own is no exception. I own a couple of gold ones, both BarryM, and they look so pretty in the bottle, but everytime I use them they make my hands look so... ill? All drawn and pale, and I don't know, just not flattering. However, the two that I already own and much colder than this one - this is so warm it's nudging towards bronze - so I'm hoping that maybe this one won't make me look so awful. I'll still end up wearing it anyway, as it looks so pretty in the bottle. 

 Lastly, there's the slightly odd "350 Mistletoe". Why is it odd you ask? Well, it's not really anything like mistletoe... it's a green so dark it looks black (or might just actually be black for that matter) with a very fine gold glitter through it. Very pretty, but really, have these people ever seen mistletoe? Black and gold are not really featured colours. Maybe they were just running out of festive names so they're only options were like "Mistletoe", "Indigestion", "Tangled Fairy Lights", or "Consumerism"... suddenly mistletoe doesn't seem so unreasonable I guess. Anyway, it is a very pretty colour and I suppose it does seem Chrismassy - though that could just be the power of suggestion. 

So overall what do I think of the Revlon nail varnishes?

Well, I can't speak for durability yet as (due to doing childish Halloween nails for ages) I haven't got around to actually wearing one yet - but I will update with how they wear when I know. In terms of application and coverage I'm really, really impressed. Most of them were just one coat applications, and a couple took a thin second coat, just to boost the intensity of the colour really. The brush was fantastic and made for quick application, without allowing huge globs of the stuff to run down it. In terms of price they were a bargain - I popped along to Boots after Poundland and saw that they had them for £6.49 a bottle. But in other ways not a bargain as I bought so many because they were cheap, whereas in reality I would have been better to choose one I LOVED from the range in Boots and just buy that one. It's kind of false economy to buy them like I did - but then I will have fun experimenting with them at some point I guess. When I was in Boots I actually took time to have a little look at the range - to try and work out why I've never bought any. For me, a lot of them were nice, but not nicer than other ranges that are cheaper/frequently on special offer - like two for £7 on Bourjois Paris stuff. That being said, I'm impressed enough with the quality of these polishes that I will swing by the counter in future and keep an eye on what they've got. They're big bottles, decent quality and therefore quite possibly worth the price tag. 

So yeah, that is more than you ever wanted to know about a person's thoughts on nail varnish colours and naming. Yeah. I have also bought some Models Own nail varnishes lately that of course, I'm dying to talk about, but don't worry, I'll try and fit in some other content first so we don't all get to high on nail varnish fumes. If the weather keeps up like this, the most likely next article will be something along the lines of "how to rock your rain mate", "budget ark building" or "endurance testing waterproof mascaras - turns out, they all have limits". But anyway, thanks for reading along, I really appreciate it.

**Update in September 2017: This post is a few years old now, and unfortunately, I think Poundland makeup had it's heyday, as I've hardly seen anything good in stores recently. I could be wrong though and there might be a variance regionally, it's always worth checking!**

Do you use Revlon nail varnishes - what do you think of them? What colours do you like? Anyone else get lucky with brand names cosmetics in Poundland lately?

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