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Thursday, 28 November 2013

The Body Shop Haul - Part One

Every year. Every gosh-darned, dang-tootin year - excuse my French. Yup, every year in the run up to Christmas The Body Shop does various mad offers - 50% sales, buy one get one frees, 40% discount codes, and all combined with various discount/free delivery code. How could I resist? No, seriously, any tips? - it's like a tractor beam every year. It pulls me in and the only way to escape is covered in body butters and hand creams.
This year has (of course) been no exception. I have, in the last month or so placed three orders - though some bits and bobs have been for peoples' Christmases, I swear!
Anyway, seeing as how I've now sampled a lot of Body Shop products, I thought I'd do a little haul. 


The 50ml tube of Hemp Hand Cream. This actually wasn't for me. No, seriously. This was for the boyfriend who, much as it hurts his rugged man ego to admit  - has been seriously suffering with sore, dry hands recently. He's really not a modern man and completely rejects the use of creams/lotions/scrubs etc for almost anything, but, he does have a few exceptions and apparently, this is 'manly' enough to be one of them. I actually really like the smell of The Body Shop's Hemp range - I think it smells quite similar to some Liz Earle stuff, particularly Cleanse and Polish. The boyfriend has mentioned on several occasions that he thinks it's really helping, but I haven't personally used it (well, not in years) so we'll have to take his word for it.

Then, there's the 200ml Olive Body Butter. This doesn't really smell like olives (thank God)... or anything else really now you mention it. It smells.. cold? Does that make any sense? It has a soothing, cooling smell - it smells like the kind of thing that would be nice to use after a hot Summer's day. This is a new one for me and I think I will save it for Summer as I have plenty of warm/wintery ones to use in the meantime, so unfortunately, I can't give a lot more info just now!

Then we have the 200ml Dreams Unlimited Body Butter. Again, a new one for me this year. It has a clean, fresh sort of smell. Very soft and delicate. It also seems to have a thicker consistency than other Body Shop butters; but that might just be coincidence, or me being insane. 

Then, there's the Atlas Mountain Rose 250ml shower gel... which is also a first for me. Sigh. I'll throw my hands up here and say I really didn't need this - I have a bit of a hoard  collection of LUSH soaps I should really be working through, but I just could not resist this. I am in a rose crazy phase just now. Cannot get enough of rose scented stuff. This one in particular is perfect for me. It smells very real, as in it doesn't smell terrible and artificial, but it also smells very clear and fresh. I feel some rose products smell kind of musty, or damp or stale - but certainly not this one, it's glorious. 

Then we have the 200ml Raspberry Body Butter which is to be part of my sister's Christmas present. I personally don't love the smell. A quick sniff of the tub, sure, but I feel like applying it would be like smothering myself in jam. Not my cup of tea. It's very 'her' though, she loves overly sweet, girly smells, so I think she'll love it. 

Then I have the 250ml Passion Fruit Shower Gel. Although this is fruit based, it smells much less sickly than the raspberry - thank goodness. I haven't actually used this one yet however I am rather enjoying trying to work out what colour it is. It's very odd and seems to be completely different colours depending on the light. What is it they say about simple things and simple minds again? 
I have used others in this range before and I like them. They're soap free cleansers, so typically I wash myself first and then lather up in this to leave a lovely fruity scent on my skin.

And lastly, in this order, there's the 200ml Love Etc Body Butter. I've had this one a couple of times now, and keep repurchasing because I love it so much. Again, the smell is light and subtle but it's a lot warmer than Dreams Unlimited - it's deeper and muskier, while still being super feminine. It's got a lovely thick consistency and it moisturises super well, so I tend to use it on drier areas like my knees, elbows and feet. 

So that's the first of too many Body Shop products I've bought recently. What's your favourite Body Shop product? What would you recommend I try out in the next inevitable order I place?

Thanks for reading,


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