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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

What was in my November 2013 Birchbox?

** This post was updated in September in 2017. I updated the reviews I had given some of the products to reflect how I feel more accurately having now finished with the products**

Molton Brown, Ylang Ylang Body Lotion 30ml – Full size is £18

We use a lot of Molton Brown in my house and, while it’s always nice to try new things through Birchbox, it was a great surprise to get a product that I know I love as a nice little treat. I love their products as they’re so perfumed that the smell stays around for ages, but, they have none of the nasty chemical scent that a lot of their cheaper competitors do. This really isn't my favourite scent from Molton Brownn - that would be the eucalyptus - it is one I enjoy so I certainly used this lotion up pretty quickly. Have I repurchased it since? No, and it wasn't special enough that I plan to.

Weleda Replenishing Oat Shampoo – Full size is £8.95

I was so, so excited to try this! The idea of a replenishing shampoo was very appealing with my dry, thick, curly hair and I had high hopes from Weleda as a brand, but alas, this is still the worst shampoo I have ever used! It smelled foul, it didn't lather, it made my hair feel stripped and almost sticky - no matter how much I rinsed it. Definitely not a product I would ever use again.

Laura Mercier Long Lash Mascara, travel size – Full size is £18.50

I was very meh on this mascara. I like fluttery, volumised, very black lashes, and this did none of those things. It gave me very delicated, separate, natural looking lashes, and while I know that might be what some people are looking for - it's certainly not something I'd pay £18.50 for!

Chella, Highlighter Pencil – Full Size is £15.95

Not a product that really worked out well for me. It's a great idea; especially for highlighting under the brow bone, and the quality on this pencil is great, it glides on very easily, but for me this was just always a little too dark for my skin tone, and certainly far too dark to highlight it!

English Laundry Perfume – Full size is £16 (and up)

Ok, so I’ll admit I’m not keen on getting perfume samples in Birchboxes. To me they’re a freebie that’s given away, not something with monetary value. However, there was a lot in this Birchbox, so I guess it’s like an extra. Sort of. I don’t particularly care for the smell of this one either...

*Lifestyle Extra* Pukka Herbs, Selection of Teas – a box costs £2.49

Of all the products I've tried, in the dozens of beauty boxes I've had over the years, Pukka teas is probably my favourite discovery of all! I was so apprehensive about these teas; I had never liked any fruit or herbal teas before, so a cinammon tea sounded really scary! In fact, I still keep the elderberry and echinicea tea in stock and I love it in the winter when I'm feeling a little snuffly. I've gone on to try many Pukka teas; my favourites being the afformentioned elderberry and echinicea, the peppermint and licorice and the night time tea.

*Goodie* Birchbox Pencil Sharpener - £3

 I thought that this was nice to get as a bonus but equally, who doesn’t have one? I know I have about three, so ultimately, this will just end up in a pile with the rest of them. And I know that Birchbox can’t be expected to guess what I have and don’t have but, unlike products that you consume (food, cosmetics, toiletries) that if you get more you can just use more, this feels like kind of an odd item as it’s really the kind of thing you just need one of.

Do you get Birchbox? How was your box and what was in it? Have you used any of these products and what do you think of them?

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