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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Advent Calendar - December 10th

Hello guys!
Posting yesterday's today... I know, I know! No fault of my own though this time; my internet decided it was nap time just as I was ready to get blogging. Sigh.

What did I get in my advent calendars... erm... yesterday?

Jenna - today's candle was the Cinnamon Sparkle. I have to say, I'd smelt this before in a tester tube thing (I'm sure that's the technical, industry term) and I thought it was way too much. It smelt a bit like cinnamon chewing gum. This candle however, thankfully, smells amazing - the same great cinnamon smell, just toned down a little.

Kenny - Today's soap was Noriko. This soap isn't new to be, but it's been a while and smelling it was like smelling an old friend. Not that that's something I do to friends. Kenny also revealed that this was his favourite of the soaps, and being the big sappy smushter I am, that made me like it even more.

Mum - in mum's advent calendar today was (and I'm probably going to describe this badly) a tea flower thing. Y'know, it's tea, and when you put it into a mug (preferably a glass one) and add boiling water, it unfurls into a beautiful flower. I'll instagram a photo when I do it!

Myself -  Some Burt's Bees lemon cuticle cream because me cuticles are so dry and sore and horrible - you could light matches off them. Well no more. I've been using this stuff already and initial impressions are that it smells amazing, and the formula seems super creamy and soothing.

What did you get in your advent calendars today?


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