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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Advent Calendar - December 11th

What did I get in my advent calendars today...?

Jenna - The candle for today was Vanilla. I have to say, this is the first one of the calendar that I don't like the smell of, which is actually pretty good going that out of 11 candles there's just been one I don't like. I'm just never a fan of vanilla candles.

Kenny - Today's soap was some Snow Globe. I love this stuff! It never smells like it looks like it should though. Did I lose you there? I mean, when you look at a photo and you see it all blue and white and wintery looking, I never expect it to smell like citrus! I'm not complaining, I love the smell, just pointing out really...

Mum - from mum today I got a suuuuuper nice nail varnish. It's part of the chameleon range from Revlon and, as you may or may not know (or care..) green is my favourite colour. Nice one mum.

Myself - some little Christmas stud earrings! Yey, so I can wear them to work and feel secretly festive. Nice. 

What did you get in your advent calendars today...?


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