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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Advent Calendar - December 12th

Firstly, I cannot believe that we're not half way through the whole advent calendar thing. I'm loving watching everyone open the calendars I did for them, I don't want them to be over! But anyway... there's always next year!

What did I get in my advent calendars today...?

Mum - I got a box of cinnamon tea today from Mum. VERY excited about this because, as some of you know, I'm going through a slightly manic tea phase at the moment, sparked by the Pukka teas I received in my Nov Birchbox. One of those was cinnamon, and I've been hunting the shops for an equivalent and mum found one for me!
Jenna - The candle for the day was Apple and Mulberry. Jenna said, with a big sigh, that it's not very festive... well, I don't  know what planet she's on as this smells deliciously festive to me; like mulled wine and cinnamon. Yum!

Kenny - a lovely bit of Dirty soap! Which I love, and Kenny loves, but my mother and sister hate... so that's maybe one to be kept and used at Kenny's flat then! 

Myself - A giant tub of M&S strawberry lip balm! it's thinner, or more liquid than a lot of the ones I own (I think because normally I go for the thick, intensive ones) and so it makes a great base for putting lipstick on top of.

What did you get in your advent calendars today...?


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