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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Advent Calendar - December 1st

Hello everyone!
Hope you've all enjoyed starting your advent calendars today - I know I have.
I've been spoiled rotten. My Dad did the classic chocolate option, my sister has given me the Partylite tea-light advent calendar, my mum has wrapped 24 mystery gifts for me, my boyfriend has built (yeah, out of actual wood and nails and stuff... awesome!) me an advent calendar full of mini things from LUSH and various sweet treats and, well I might have made up a little calendar for myself too.
This year it feels like non-chocolate/standard advent calendars have been everywhere, I don't know if there has been a surge or I've just become aware of them, but Boots, The Body Shop and various others seem to be pushing the concept of an advent calendar. I thought I'd show you what I get in mine each day, to give you some ideas in case Boots and The Body Shop completely sell out again and you fancy making someone an alternative advent calendar next year.
Ours were all done on a £30 budget, which limited things a bit, clearly the more money you have, the more options you have.

Everyone started simple today, because they're mean teases, to build excitement.

Mum - Cadbury's with Daim bar. I know a lot of people don't love Daim, but I do. We have family in Norway and whenever we were over there (usually at Christmas) I ate so much of this stuff, and I have such great, festive associations with it.

Myself - A Thorntons chocolate lolly pop, that I ate on my break at work! Gotta love novelty shaped chocolate,I mean seriously, everything taste better when it's novelty shaped.

Kenny (the boyfriend) - cute little candy cane. Oh he's a meanie! There was me sitting at 12:01 last night excitedly launching into this to discover my first mini LUSH treat only to discover he's making me wait. Sicko.

Jenna (Sister) - the tea light today was Snowberries. It smells amazing. It's quite fruity, but it has some warm spice in the background which gives it a much more festive feel. I burned it for an hour or so tonight and I was really impressed with how much the smell filled the room. 

So what did you get in your advent calendar today?


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