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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Advent Calendar - December 3rd

What did I get in my advent calendar today...?

Mum - Lovely cosy socks from Primark! Good thing too as I had run out this morning and was planning to steal a pair from her drawer today! I wear these a lot as I have small feet (size 2) and my boots are size three so I need to bulk out my feet a little. Cosy, cute and practical.

Jenna (sister) - The tea light from the Partylite calendar today was Mulberry. I don't love this as much as the other two I've had so far. It smells a little like Shloer to me, which don't get me wrong, I love... but not necessarily as a fragrance.

Myself - I got myself a somewhat random pair of earrings from H&M. I mean I guess I like them and all, but of all the things I could have chosen...? It's like I don't know myself, which is worrying.

Kenny (boyfriend) - We're onto some soap today! It's a 40g piece of Sea Vegetable. This is one of my all time favourite LUSH smells. It's one of their more masculine smells I think, it's almost musky, but with a lovely clean citrus smell going through it. Yum. I like that I'm getting them in mini bits too - it means each mini bar will last a nice amount of time, but not so long that I get a little bored/used to the smell.

And that's December 3rd! 
Another day I haven't managed a 'real' post - I'm sorry. 
I'm shopping in Glasgow tomorrow so I'm planning to do a little haul post tomorrow night, I'd love to do a video, but I think I'm to nervous!

Thanks for reading

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