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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Advent Calendar - December 4th

Let's have a look at what was in the advent calendars today:

Myself - A bag of Cadbury's Clusters... that I promptly chain-ate and now feel queasy. So worth it though.

Mum - 8 packets of Minnie Mouse tissues. It's like she could sense the sniffles that beset me today. Super cute and, it would seem, super useful!

Jenna (sister) - The candle today (from the Partylite calendar) was Ebony Oud, which smells lovely.. but that I can't really find the right descriptive words for! It's a little smokey, but still pleasantly spicy.

Kenny (boyfriend) - Another lovely little chunk of LUSH soap and today's is Karma. Karma is my absolute FAVOURITE LUSH smell of all time, and from the second I tore the door on today's box, I knew that's what it was - that smell is so unique.

So that was today's advent calendars. I was shopping today in Glasgow and had every intention of doing a haul post tonight but when I got home a) it was pitch black and artificial lighting is not good in my room (as is evident by the photo above) and b) I was tired, lazy and sniffly. So the haul post will be tomorrow, but fear not, there is another post on the way tonight. 

What did you get in your advent calendar today?


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