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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Advent Calendar - December 5th

Hello everyone; crazy weather today, right? Well it has been here in Scotland anyway - the power cut out... just as I was boiling the kettle for my morning cuppa!! #firstworldproblems
So, what with the wind, rain, snow and hail outside, I declared a duvet day and spent the day chilling out, wrapping presents, watching Law & Order and having a bath... There 'may' also have been several hot chocolates, but I can't confirm that. *cough*.
The weather did rather get in the way of my plans for the day which were to take some photos for upcoming posts, so I'm just praying it's sunny tomorrow so I can get some more content up!

So, what did I get in my advent calendars today...?

Mum - A big bag of Fruitella sweets. Once, when I was at mum's work, sitting in her office, waiting for her to finish something elsewhere, I found some of these, assumed they were left over from some kind of team building excersise - as mum doesn't generally like this kind of thing - and so, I began munching away. How wrong I was. Apparently she has some kind of addiction to these things, and she hasn't let the fact I ate some go since. Her first words upon me unwrapping them this morning (at 0745..) were, "are you going to be opening them now... or? Is it the cola that you like, or are you not wanting those...?"

Jenna (sister) -  The candle today was Pomegranate and Cassis. It's not the most festive smelling, and it does border on too sweet for me, but then I suppose it's nice to break up the spicy/cinnamon based Christmas sorts with something different.

Kenny (boyfriend) - My second little bit of Sea Vegetable soap. I've already started using the first bit in the shower and Wow, it's been a while and I'd forgotten how much I LOVE this stuff. So glad I have another little chunk. 

Myself - A little tube of Boots White Collection body wash in Uplifting Bergamot. Initially mum was getting this scent, but a couple of days ago she revealed that she hates the smell of bergamot. In 22 years, that is honest to God the first of me hearing about it. Oh well, I swapped her, problem solved. I really like the smell of this one, but I'll probably keep the tube for when I'm going away somewhere as it's a nice size and easier to transport than bar soap in a tin.

So that's it for today folks, I'll be back tomorrow with some more substantial content (as well as the advent calendar post of course.) For anyone else living in Scotland, I hope you're safe and dry after an eventful weather day today.

Thanks for reading along!

What did you get in your advent calendar today? 

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