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Friday, 6 December 2013

Advent Calendar - December 6th

Cutting it fine for getting this one out before midnight!! But then, I did my 'main' post this morning, so it's fair enough really, I feel.

What did I get in my advent calendars today...?

Kenny (boyfriend) - Taking a little soap interlude The big meanie and so today I got another cute little candy cane. I'm super glad it's individually wrapped as honestly, anything within ten feet of that calendar would taste like LUSH.

Jenna (sister) - today's candle was 'White Tea and Fir' which is my favourite to date. It's lovely and festive, but with a slightly sharp, citrus vibe to it. It actually smells a little like the Elizabeth Arden Green Tea fragrance - which I LOVE.

Mum - A tub of Quickies nail varnish remover pads. I've fallen slightly out of love with them recently, but I can't quite seem to get by without them - especially for carrying in my bag, or leaving at the boyfriend's flat.

Myself - A scratch card. And oh yeah, I won £3.... which I have already spent on a skirt that was in the sale in H&M. Awesome freebie, gambling winnings skirt!  I put scratch cards in everyone's calendars and I'll feel really bad if the only one that wins is mine!!

So that's things for today, heck, if I stay up ten more minutes I could just do tomorrow's as well... Just kidding, I won't!

 What did you get in your advent calendar today?


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