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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Birchbox Product Review - Weleda Replenishing Oat Shampoo

Hello Lovelies!
I received this as part of my November Birchbox and I was very happy to see it as normally I really like Weleda products. I find them rich smelling, but gentle on the skin. This one however, was a bit of a disappointment!
First impressions were that it smelt really yummy and a ‘replenishing’ shampoo was exactly what I was looking for, so, great.
My regular shampoo is the Karma bar from LUSH and I’ve been using that for about a year now I think. I love it. I find a bar form much easier to work with, with my hair being so thick, Karma is my favourite LUSH scent of all time and I always find it leaves my hair feeling super clean, which is ultimately, I suppose what you want from a shampoo.
Anyway, so there I am in the shower with my Weleda shampoo. It’s a smallish tube and with my hair being thick I was only expecting to get maybe three uses out of it. So I squeeze out what I think is about a third of the tube, the consistency feels good – not too runny, not unworkably thick – it smells yummy, I rub it on my head, trying to lather up and… nothing happens. Nothing at all. Well actually that’s a lie, what does happen is that the smell that was so lovely in small quantities fills the bathroom and smells very different and almost medicinal, but like baby lotion medicinal… if that makes any sense. Eugh. However, what does not happen is any kind of lather, or any kind of cleaning as far as I can tell. So I take some more from the tube, convinced the problem is with me rather than with the Weleda stuff, and nope, there’s still nothing happening. So I kept rubbing for a bit then ultimately just gave in and rinsed it away. I had to fight the urge to just go on and use my LUSH shampoo, as honestly, my hair didn’t feel clean at all after this.
Anyway, in the end I only got two uses from the tube and truthfully, I think my hair does feel a little softer. However, personally, I look to a conditioner to moisturise and repair, I look to a shampoo to clean. I love the feeling when your scalp feels all fresh and tingly, and when your hair is squeaky clean, and after this, I didn’t feel washed at all.
I didn’t care for the smell during very much, but in a lot of ways that’s neither here nor there as a bad smell can be tolerated if the product is super effective. No, the reason I wouldn’t repurchase is that it just didn’t meet my needs or expectations at all. However, I do like Weleda stuff in general and I do think my hair feels a little softer so I may in the future give the replenishing oats conditioner a go instead.

Have you ever used this product? How was your experience? Do you use Weleda products in general? What’s your favourite product?

Thanks for reading,


  1. Oh gosh that's disappointing isn't it . I've not used mine yet xx

    1. You might like yours, as I said, I do think it left my hair a little softer which is what it promises to do - it's just that I hate my hair not feeling clean and fresh so this didn't work for me. Will you be reviewing it? I'd love to hear what you think about it! x


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