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Friday, 6 December 2013

Festive 99p Store Finds

Hello everyone!
I'm aware this post isn't beauty related, or style related... or anything really, but seeing as how I'm filled to the brim with Christmas spirit, I wanted to start doing some more posts filled with awesome festiveness.

So I happened to be killing time before a shift and I decided to wander in to the 99p store - I'm normally a Poundland girl and so I hadn't been in here before.
There were all the usual things you'd expect, and all the usual Christmas things you'd expect;
- bags of sweeties that make good stocking fillers
- Santa Hats
- Napkins/paper plates/ paper cups

But I also found a few things that I wasn't expecting, and that I thought would be worth picking up to try. So what did I get then?

Cute little clip on reindeer antlers! Aren't they great? My work has a Christmas dress up day and these will be a nice change amid the sea of Santa hats and tinsel. They attach really easily and from what I can tell, having just worn them around the house like a weirdo, they stay put well enough. One thing I would say though is that I don't know how well they'd sit in fine hair - mine is so thick it's probably bullet proof so there's no issue for me.

Candy Canes! OK, so these weren't a surprising item - I would very much expect to see them in a 99p store, however I got some as I like using them to decorate gifts. I typically work them into the bow so they're like a little edible present topper. It looks pretty cute she said humbly

McVities mini gingerbread men! I've been in Costa a fair bit recently and I'm loving the gingerbread and cream latte. I thought I could use these little guys as toppers for home-made gingerbread hot chocolates. Yum.

Christmas tins! I thought these were gorgeous, and at Christmas time, there's so many uses for them. I bake a lot at Christmas and it would be lovely to place some of my home made goodies in here and take them round as gifts to family and friends. Or, they would be a nice tidy way of storing left overs at Christmas time. I bought two, but I think I might go back for a couple more! 

A ceramic Christmas plate! I thought this was a really cute design, and looked more expensive than 99p. I have no idea how well it will wash as I haven't washed it yet, but I thought for placing Santa's cookies on, this would do the job nicely.

And lastly, I got a really pretty Christmas gift bag. I thought this was gorgeous and it went perfectly with paper I already had, but alas, as I was filling it, the seam burst entirely. I wasn't overfilling it, or putting heavy things in; it just burst. So that's disappointing. I don't know if I got unlucky or if that's the general standard, but I'm not sure I'll buy a gift bag from there again. I had intended to photograph it anyway to show you... but my mum saw it sitting and threw it out! I suppose that was justified, but still, grr.

And so that's it for my festive 99p store finds. I hope it's inspired you to check out places like charity shops, car boot sales and 99p stores when you're looking for festive goodies - sometimes you find the same sort of stuff as is for sale in the big high street stores for a lot more money.

What festive goodies have you bought this year?

Thanks for reading along!

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