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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

What I bought When I went Shopping in Glasgow!

**This post was updated slightly in September 2017; mostly to add more accurate reviews of the products and to correct some links which were now dead.**

Hello everyone!
I ventured out of my little village last week for a day shopping in the big city. Yup, up to Glasgow I went and I paid a visit to Silverburn and Brahead shopping centres. My boyfriend's college is about 2 miles from Silverburn, so I asked him to drop me off en route. (at 0745 in the morning..eek)

I wasn't buying a huge amount of stuff for myself, but I bought some little things and I thought I'd share them with you.

Tesco, raccoon slipper socks, £3.50 (No link available in 2017) 
So, I arrived at Silverburn about an hour before most shops were open and so I had some
time to kill wandering about Tesco, which believe me, is easily big enough to spend that amount of time wandering!
I got just a couple of little things (besides dull stuff like Sellotape and deoderant!). Firstly these cute little raccoon faced slipper socks that are sooooo soft and fluffy! I always have cold feet, even in July, but I cannot stand wearing slippers (it's like wearing shoes and it's all not comfy and stuffs) and so I live in slipper socks and these were just too soft to walk past. Plus, they have faces. 

**Note added in 2017: these socks are still going strong almost four years later! I've worn them to death and there's no holes and the raccoon faces are still very much intact! Definitely impressed with the quality of Tesco slipper socks then!**

I also bought some Pukka tea. I am obsessed with this stuff recently - since getting some in my November Birchbox, I've been hunting down different flavours.This is ginger, lemon manuka honey... and it is amazing. It's so warming and soothing, and it has a nice, natural  sweetness to it. Perfect for this time of year! 

**Note added in September 2017: I still buy and love this tea. Honestly, if you have a sore throat in winter but you can't be carrying an actual lemon and a bottle of honey around in your handbag, drink this tea!**

 Essie trio of nail polishes - £9.99. Cannot find them available in 2017 and of course I didn't list the individual shade names *rolls eyes at younger self*

 I then went to TK Maxx as I said I'd pick up some stuff for my mum and oh no, what a shame,
I got a little something for me too. Oops. I was looking at all the Nails Inc stuff (and drooling of course) and I came across this little set of Essie nail varnishes. They're such wearable colours, and very seasonally appropriate too. At £9.99 it was a bargain I couldn't walk past. 

**Note added in September 2017: I have literally no memory of any of these polishes. At all. Which leads me to believe I didn't like them much and they probably lived in a drawer for a couple of years before being tossed, which is sad**

I then popped along to trusty old H&M for a look. I love the Silverburn store, the Divided
section is huge compared to the Ayr branch. Woohoo. In the end, I didn't see anything much
I needed. There was an awesome oversized Jaws tank top... but maybe it's just as well they
didn't have it in my size. I did grab a couple of little things. A ring shaped like a starfish (50p) and a ring with a Stegosaurus on it (50p) which are two very clearly essential items that I'm not sure how I've lived this long without. I also grabbed some super cute stud earrings (50p) which are always a neccesity for me as I lose them so fast, and I got some wipes. Yeah, that's exciting. I actually just realised I'd left the house without wipes and seeing as how I'd be eating on the go, that was  abad idea. I like the different smell these have too; makes change from toielt cleaner lemon.

**Note added in September 2017: Well, I literally never wore any of that jewellerry. It just sort of hung around until I did my KonMari declutter in 2016. I did use up the wipes I guess...**

I did then get two of their little cotton skirt things. I live in these just now. Teamed up with my big black boots and my Primark fleece lined tights; I am toasty.I always wear these skirts
oversize tops as they're clingy and so I like to be very modest on top! The skirts are £4.00 each.

**Note added in September 2017: I do still love these skirts and where them a lot. I have since decluttered the striped one as I found it didn't go with as much, but I still have and wear the spotty one!**

The Body Shop Nutriganics Facial Toner - discontinued in 2017.

 Next stop was The Body Shop. I just made a couple of little purchases here, largely out of necessity too. I'm not a germophobe by any means (I mean, really) but it seemed like EVERYONE at Silverburn this day was coughing up phlegm and sneezing constantly. Ew. As a result I decided that wipes wouldn't cut it and I went to get some alcohol gel for my hands so I could disinfect myself before eating. I got some in a coconut scent, which is lovely. They had a 3 for 2 on their minis, so I thought, why not and got a couple of other little things. I got a little facial toner, basically because I'm not using one just now (lazy) and I'm starting to feel something is missing from my routine (yeah, it's effort). And I got a little Rainforest Moisture conditioner. I'm feeling very conditioner restless at the moment. I mostly love my conditioner (Jungle from LUSH) but I'm just not sure it's giving me enough moisture for winter, so I thought I'd try this out. The Body Shop stuff came to about £5.00 as I'm a LYB cardholder and so, got discount.

Of course, it may look like I was being self restrained her, but no, I had just already placed a few orders from The Body Shop over the past month - see the haul, here!

After eating too much (big soft pretzel and chocolate fountain... damn you!!) and vegging on a bench for a while, I worked up the energy to make one last purchase before leaving. I went into Debenhams where they had their 15% off beauty thing going on. My  local Debenhams doesn't stock Urban Decay, so naturally I was drawn in there like a moth to a flame (although, did you know they're not ACTUALLY drawn to flames or lights at all? They become disorientated by them because they usually use the light of the moon to navigate, and so a lightbulb is just like a big moon...). And then I saw them, in all their beauty. 

Just realised you can see my dressing-gown clad reflection there. Sexy.

 The Black Market 24/7 mini eyeliner set (which doesn't exist as a product in 2017, but generally speaking, nearer to Christmas they bring out some variation of this set, so if you're keen, just keep checking their website). So pretty. Urban Decay was the first 'real' makeup I ever bought (and I still have the palette) and my love for their products continues to this day. These colours are all so wearable and neutral that I thought it was great value for money, I got the six mini pencils for £22.10. I actually did swatch these and photograph them but the light is so bad that they all look the same, so I'll need to wait for some sun and redo them!

And then it was on to Braehead. We were only going for one reason really, a visit to the mothership that is LUSH (and, as Kenny has added, to get hot dogs...sigh). Anyway, I was very restrained in LUSH and just got two little things. 

I got a little Rose Jam shower gel (have I mentioned I'm rose crazy just now? Oh what's that? I have? About a thousand times... you don't say.) This is possibly the nicest, freshest smelling rose scent ever in the history of the Universe. (or at least, that I've tried). And I got another toner. This one is a spray which I think I like more than the lotion version I bought earlier, but we'll see.
Kenny was with my and stopping me from buying much as (in addition to the warehouse full I already own, and all the soap in my advent calendar) I think Santa is getting me a few things. Yay.

**note added in September 2017: just to add that these are products I still use regularly! I buy some Rose Jam every year when it launches, and thankfully it's just come back for 2017 too! I also constantly repurchase the Eau Roma Water too - I don't use it as a toner as such, I keep it in the fridge and use it as a cooling, relaxing spray in the morning or after running.. or sometimes when I just happen to be in the fridge getting cheese...**

We also popped to Primark as it's much bigger than my local store and I was hoping they had a few items that my store had run out of. They didn't. The end. Well, almost... I grabbed a couple of tops while I was in there:
 This is a boyfriend shaped t-shirt. I was struggling for lighting to take the photo and so in the end went for decent lighting, but a small space it wouldn't all fit in!

This t shirt is so me right now. it's brilliantly oversized (good for hiding the inevitable tummy that comes from the dedication I have to festive food consumption), and the pattern is such a nice pop in an all black outfit. Love it.

**Note added in September 2017: literally almost never wore this! Wore it like crazy for about a month after I got it.. and then that was it. Fail**

This is actually a quilted tshirt, but you can't really tell from the photo. I bought it in a size 12 so it's nice and big, and I thought it would be a cheery festive blast in amongst my usual black and grey clothing.

**Note added in September 2017: I actually did wear this a LOT. it looked much more expensive than it was and it really wore pretty well too - eventually the little chain detail on the pocket went on it though and I did not succeed in taking that off and leaving the fabric intact!**

So that's it, that's my little shopping haul. I'd love to hear about your Holiday shopping whether it's for others or if, like me, you've also picked up some bits for yourself!

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