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Monday, 30 December 2013

LUSH Sea Vegetable Soap

**This post was slightly updated in October 2017, just to add some further thoughts and correct the link which had broken**

Today, I just want to share a little review of the soap I have been loving lately - it's from good ol' LUSH (of course) and it is their Sea Vegetable soap. Like almost all LUSH soaps, this is priced per 100g (and 100g is the minimum amount you can buy), and Sea Vegetable is currently £4.20 per 100g.

I've been using this soap for years, and it's historically been one of my favourite LUSH products, these days, I have other soaps that would beat it to Holy Grail status, but this is still a contender! Scent wise, it's a very fresh, bright, citrus scent - it contains lemon, lime and salt - and I do love a soap to use in the shower that can help me feel more awake! I have very dry, sensitive skin well, all over me really, and I don't find this to leave my hands or my body feeling stripped or dried out at all, which a lot of more exfoliating soaps can often do.

The downside to this soap, at least in my opinion, is that I don't feel like it lathers particularly well. It's a very firm bar of soap, which might be part of the issue, but sometimes it really does feel like a bit of a battle to get enough lather going to wash myself. On the other hand, Kenny, my fiance, really enjoys the soap - and likes the fact it's not crazy lathery (erm, spell check has just told me that's not a word... what?)! He's a swimmer and most of the time this is what he carries with him to the pool. He feels the strong citrus scent and the exfoliating elements are great for trying to wash all those pool chemicals off, and he appreciates that it's not just dissolving into lather at the slightest hint of moisture, as that would make transporting it in a tub that inevitably gets water in it, more than a little tricky.
So there we have it folks, our thoughts on a classic the classic Sea Vegetable. While it doesn't make it's way to the number one spot in my books, I think it might in Kenny's! So maybe it's just as well I'm not buying it as much these days, that boy is a nightmare to share LUSH products with!

Have you ever used Sea Vegetable? How does it rank for you? Are there other LUSH soaps you prefer - do share!

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