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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

My 6 New Years Resolutions for 2014

Another year has flown by leaving me feeling older and worryingly more aged looking. Hmm. I always get a little upset with Hogmany (or New Years Eve, for non Scottish people) - I think that like a lot of people I get nostalgic and I remember times and people that are no longer with me. It's very easy to get caught up on looking back at what we've lost and so I like to take the time to write some resolutions that will encourage me to look forward and be more positive, so here we go. 

Take More Photos!

Not of special events, or days out, just of what's going on around me everyday. I was looking back through photos and realising how few I have this year of my family, or my cats or my boyfriend - how does that happen?! I want to be more in the moment and take time to appreciate the every day and how lucky I am in my life - taking photos is a nice way of doing this. I also LOVE looking at photographs, which you think at some point would make me realise that I actually need to take them first to be able to do that! 

Get Back to my Art

As you may (or more likely) may not know, I graduated in 2013 with an Honours Degree in Digital Art... and haven't lifted a pen since. I know. Well, that's a slight exaggeration - I mean, I haven't taking to using a hammer and chisel to carve out reminder notes - but I've certainly fallen out of the habit and I'm not proud of that. I didn't enjoy Uni, I felt very constrained and forced and suffocated, and I think after I left I was either going to have a massive Renaissance due to all the new freedom, or I was just going to be sick of the whole thing. I ended up with the less helpful option two. Even though I hated Uni I love my creative practise - I'm a visual journal artist - and in 2014 I really look forward to rediscovering it.  

Spend More Quality Time with Loved Ones

 Excuse the cringy holiday shot please - I swear I don't normally dress like that!!
I think this item makes it on to a lot of people's lists - life moves far too quickly and you blink and realise you haven't met someone for a coffee in months, or spoken to your Dad by anything other than Viber in weeks. In 2014, I want to make much more of an effort to be around my nearest and dearest.

Take Better Care of Myself

Exercise, diet, sleep, relaxation time and personal development time - I really need to improve things across the board. I love to eat, but when I'm busy I just won't and then when I do, it'll be junk food. I want to spend more time cooking, which I love to do anyway, and make sure I'm not eating rubbish 24/7. I don't really exersise just now. I know, that's bad. I've never found something that works for me, but in 2014, that's no longer a valid excuse. I want to try things and make more of an effort. 

I also want to just spend more time with myself, in the bath chilling out, or on the couch reading or just generally pottering about - I'm often dashing about so much that my room is a disaster and I go so long without reading that I forget who the characters in the book are!

Shop Less, Wear More

Yup, like a lot of people I have overspent this Christmas and I need to sort myself out. it's so easy to get into the habit of it, especially with all the sales and special offers. There now isn't really anything I "need" (well, except dull things like an external hard drive, yawn) and so I have no excuse for shopping. It sounds so hard to do, but I guess I like a challenge! Wish me luck!

Blog, Blog, Blog!

I'm new to this blogging thing, and truthfully, I'm still really getting to grips with everything. It's a lot to take in, to organise and to get used to doing - I really take my hat off to long term bloggers, because I now have an understanding of the work that goes into it all!

I am really enjoying it though and in 2014 I look forward to really pushing myself and seeing what I can do not just here on the blog, but also (hopefully) through YouTube videos and social media. 

So those are my New Year Resolutions for 2014- here's hoping I manage to stick to at least some of them! Do you make resolutions? What are yours?

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