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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Beauty Favourites from November 2013

**This post was updated slightly in September 2017, mostly to fix links that had died and to add some more recent thoughts and reviews for products**

  Seriously where has November gone? If it was you who stole it, please just put it back on my desk and we’ll say no more about it. But honestly, this month has flown in, which is making me so sad - in fact, we're already almost half way through December too! I am a Christmas fanatic, I live for this time of year, but it’s coming towards me too quickly this year; I’ve hardly played a Christmas CD (well iPod playlist… I’m not that old fashioned!), burned a cinnamon candle or eaten a mince pie! 

 Alas, I digress. Although, it’s safe to assume that every post between now and December 25th will feature Christmas chat. Anyway, I feel like I’ve used quite a lot of new products this month – basically I had a good hard look in the mirror and realised that my laziness combined with the changing season had rendered my hair and skin in a bad way. Fortunately I found a few products that helped me out drastically.

Lacura Nourishing Hand Cream - Has now been discontinued. Closest version they do is the Intensive Care Hand Cream - 79p for 125ml.

This hand cream is amazing, the best I’ve ever encountered. At 79p for 125ml this hand cream is an absolute steal but, made with beeswax and glycerine, it has a super luxurious feel and a highly effective formula. It intensely moisturises but, even more importantly this time of year, it leaves your hands ‘balmed’ and protected for a long time after application. I’ve already gone and purchased enough tubes to get me through this winter! I’ve also been using it as a foot cream and it has been fantastic. Just applying it once a day, right before bed, has brought my feet from dry and scaly to soft and pink.

**Note added in September 2017: I never stopped loving this hand cream! It really was the best I ever used, but at some point they sadly discontiuned this version and while the "Intensive" one is good, it's not a patch on this one!**

Superdrug Mud Therapy, Sensitive Deep Cleansing Mud Mask - Has now been discontinued.

This has actually vanished from the Superdrug site; great, I bet they’re discontinuing it now that I’ve fallen in love with it! I’m almost certain it was £2.59 for the 75ml tube, and it was on 3 for 2 as well.

Anyway, my face was surprisingly not as dry as the Sahara for once, but it was very grey and ‘bleh’ looking. So I decided I needed a mask to really give it a clean and help it look all lovely and new. Because I have sensitive skin on my face and can be allergic to a lot of things, I tend to start with cheaper/less complicated products and work up. This mask is great. I much prefer tubes to sachets as you have much more control over quantity. It also doesn’t really have a smell which I like, as when you’ve got something smeared all over your face for 15 minutes, even nice smells can become overpowering. It hasn’t irritated my skin at all, and has left it much brighter and softer – I’ve been using it twice a week and will definitely continue to do so… unless they have discontinued it.

**Note added in September 2017: Well, my fears were right, shortly after writing this, they did indeed discontinue that face mask! So disappointing! It was a truly great product at a fantastic price point, and frankly, I can't recommend an alternative, because I still haven't found oe suitable for my skin type!**

Umberto Giannini, Overnight Beauty Moisture Balm _ Has now been discontinued.

My hair has been in a bad way of late. It’s been really dry and brittle, and I’ve noticed it’s breaking a lot more easily too. As well as making a big effort to use less styling product on it and just give it a couple of rest days here and there, I’ve also been using this balm on it a couple of times a week. I find this stuff great – it doesn’t leave your hair slimy or sticky; which is great as it’s highly unpleasant to sleep on slimy hair! It’s also very effective;  it’s very light and you can almost feel your hair gratefully drinking it up!

**Note added in September 2017: I loved this product and purchased many tubes of it over a period of years. Umberto Gianinini redid their packaging approximately 23,000 times and for a while it was difficult to know what products were what as they all kept changing names, but sadly, I'm now almost entirely sure this is no longer being produced.**

I know, right, isn’t everyone blogging about Sleek right now?! Well, there’s a reason for it. This stuff is ace. I initially bought one eye palette (the original one) and in just a few weeks purchased two more eye palettes and this blusher! I’d been on the hunt for a new blusher of late, I was still (lazily!) using my spring/summer one which is a more sheer, cool pink than what I like for this time of year. I am very pale, but I have quite rosy cheeks as is, so I like a blusher that compliments the natural pink tones of my skin has but is also delicate and sheer so as not to overpower my pale complexion. I ordered this blusher online and when it I arrived and I swatched it on my finger I thought I had made a big mistake. I thought it was far too dark and seriously pigmented. In some ways, it is: it is crazy pigmented, however, this is no bad thing. It’s a wonderful shade for my skin, all it means is that I literally need one or two quick swipes with the brush and the work is done. No building up or layering; this stuff is so rich that it can be applied very thinly and still give amazing colour and hold.

**I still rate this as a good product, and I would hesitiate to recommend it, quality wise. For my own skin tone and blush preferences, I have now found one that works better for me in the Max Factor Creme Puff Blush in Gorgeous Berries**

I’ve added this jokingly… sort of. I was at the supermarket with my mum when she asked me to pick out a hand soap for the main bathroom. Foolish woman. Let’s just say it was between this one and the chocolate orange one.

Normally washing my hands is an auto-pilot thing, it doesn’t make me happy or sad, it’s just something you do. BUT, every time I wash my hands with this soap it makes me smile. It smells exactly like cola bottles, and it makes me feel like a little kid again. My boyfriend is loving it too; though he feels it’s odd washing your hands with something that smells “sticky”.

Anyway, this has been a November favourite; it’s made me happy and nostalgic every time I use it. I would also say, if you have kids, they’ll probably love this stuff! 

So those were my favourites from November 2013! What were yours?

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