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Friday, 13 December 2013

The Body Shop Candles - Quick Review

Hello guys!

I buy quite a lot of stuff from The Body Shop and, while I might not always like all the products, I do find them to generally be of very high quality. So this time of year, when the nights draw in, and I try to feel all cosy in my room - I decided to try something new from The Body Shop, their candles. 

I have purchased two; "Green Tea and Lemon" and "Sandalwood and Ginger". 
The Sandalwood and Ginger, smells a lot more like sandalwood than ginger in my opinion, which for me, isn't really a plus. it's still a nice smell, but personally, I would have liked more of a ginger 'kick' to it. What I will say, is that even though I don't personally love it, I do think it's quite a sophisticated smell, which was a pleasant surprise.
The Lemon and Green Tea candle, smells very similar to Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea fragrance, which as you may or may not know, I absolutely love, so this is a win for me scent wise. It's very fresh and clean smelling, and it's fragrant without being sweet.

The packaging is cute, the designs on the boxes are artsy and colourful, and The Body Shop branding is subtle. The candles are in clear glass jars; no writing or designs or anything on them at all. I actually like that they're simple. I've read various reviews where people have felt that they don't look 'special' but personally, I think it's better that they're plain; you don't have to worry about it matching your decor, or, for that matter, whether it'll match the home of friends and family, should you be giving these as a gift.
One annoying thing is that I cannot find a 'burn time' either anywhere on the box, or on the website, which makes it a little tricky to work out if they're good value for money, and frankly is something that makes me a little wary as it's usually something that candle manufacturers bang on about.

I am giving the Green Tea candle as a gift, and so I've only been able to burn the Sandalwood and Ginger. I thought there was a good amount of scent produced as it burned, but that it did take it an hour or so to 'get going' in the smell department. However, Partylite candles are a comparable size and price and I think, provide a much stronger smell, but then, I've only burned one from The Body Shop, so maybe my about four hours (the photo below was taken after about two), but already I can tell, it's going to burn down the middle and leave a whole bunch of unused wax round the sides which is poor value for money and also, environmentally, it's a waste.

These candles are normally £10 each, I actually got them both half price. Based on my experience so far, I don't think I'd pay £10 for one, not, as I said, when I think of what I can get for £10 at Partylite or even Yankee Candles. For £5, I'd definitely try out another one though; I think I'd just go for a different scent next time.

Have you ever used candles from The Body Shop? What was your experience with them? What other scent would you recommend I try?

Thanks for reading,

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