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Friday, 24 January 2014

10 Ways to Survive the Sniffles

Feeling rather sorry for myself today folks as it looks like I may not have long to live, I've caught... Dun dun duuuuuun... The sniffles. *cue woman in the audience shrieking and fainting* I know, the dedication I have to still be blogging under these circumstances, you can say it; it's heroic.

Anyway, yes, I am battling a severe case of sniffles and to help me out I have an arsenal of comfort items and routines. So here we are my Top Ten Ways to Fight Sniffles ( or at Least Make Yourself Feel Less Pathetic and Scary Towards Small Children):

1. Drink plenty of fluids
It's cliched advice for a reason people; it helps. I'm generally good with my water intake anyway, but as soon as I get unwell at all, boom, I become a lot more dedicated to that. I do make exceptions, but just for tea. Not builders tea full of milk and sugar; but peppermint tea (soothes your tummy), green tea with lemon and anything with echinacea are all good in my book.

2. Get plenty of sleep
I'm less good with the sleep thing, I always stay up far too late and my body hates me for it in the morning. When I'm not well I have to make a real effort to get more sleep - I normally try for at least nine hours when I'm sick... Doesn't always work, but I try. One thing my mum always said (when I would refuse to lie still when I wasn't well) was that your body just needs rest, sleep is preferable but if like me you can't fall asleep at night then have a bath or lie and watch a film. Just stay still Kitty and stop doing mad things like deciding to move your furniture.

3. The drugs don't work.. Well sometimes they do
I don't like taking medicine if I don't have to, I'll spare myself the drugs if ever I can. However, sometimes when your body is down, you need to give it a hand back up and sometimes, some honey in your tea isn't going to cut it. 
Know what your go to medicine is and keep some in the house at all times; don't leave it until your choked up and an hour out from a shift at work to realise you've no Beechams. For me, if ever I take something it's either a lemsip with honey in it. Cannot stand the taste or the smell - to me, it's like drinking toilet cleaner - however it does help. It clears my sinuses and soothes my throat long enough for me catch my breath and perk up a little. Or, if I have a headache I cannot shake, I'll reach for Neurofen Meltlets (I can't swallow tablets)

4. Kleenex balmy tissues (box and handbag size) 
Whoever invented these deserves a medal. They may sound gimmicky but boy do they help. There's nothing worse than needing to blow your nose so badly but not being able to because you've rubbed away all the skin in the area. I'm not going to lie, these don't solve the problem entirely, but they sure slow down the skin erosion issue significantly. Make sure to carry some in your handbag, if you're caught without them and have to use normal tissues, you'll regret it! 

5. Molton Brown, Eucalyptus Bath and Body Wash
The only good part about having a cold is that I get to use this stuff! This is one of my favourite Molton Brown scents but I force myself to keep it for when I'm feeling a bit poorly, or when I've been out in the cold for ages on a winters day. It's so soothing and refreshing. I know that there's a lot of tea tree and eucalyptus products available, but in my opinion, nothing comes close to this. It's made with oils rather than a cheap chemical imitation of them and it smells, just wow. Use this in a hot shower, or bath if that's your scene, and I guarantee you'll come out feeling a lot better than when you went in. 

6. Liz Earle, Superbalm
I cannot imagine having a cold and not having this around to help me through. It's great when applied to any and all of the myriad of dry areas that form when you have sniffles. It smells glorious and comforting and it is crazy effective at rehydrating sore noses, lips, hands and anything else. 

7. Starburst/Haribo
Yeah, bet you didn't see that one coming. You know that feeling where your throat is like sandpaper and you delay swallowing to the point of drooling down your front just to avoid the pain. No? Is that just me? Oh well, never mind, when I'm feeling like that I try to always have Starburst, Haribo or similar on me for a bit of instant relief. The sugary syrup coats your throat and gives you a little protection as well as a brief hit of moisture to the arid desert that now sits where your throat used to live. 

8. Lip and Cheek Stains
I'll be the first to admit that when I'm not well I'm not going to be bothered to do a full face of makeup - I think my body needs the extra ten minutes in bed thanks. However, I'll also happily admit that "sniffles face" isn't a good look and should be avoided. I normally try and coax myself to look as normal as possible, but, something that goes a long way to helping out is one of those lip/cheek stains. They're gentle enough and give a very natural glow so you'll look human rather than like a corpse wearing makeup, and it's one easy to apply, super fast product that can be easily topped up through the day when you begin to look rough again. 

9. Cosy clothes
Yes, I know you don't get a cold from being cold (despite your granny warning you of that every time you didn't wear a vest) however, especially at this time of year, being cold, being wet or blown apart by gales are not going to help matters. Make sure you leave the house properly bundled up; hat, scarf, gloves and fleece lines primark tights. It might not make you better, but the less energy your body has to use in keeping you warm, the more it can use to fight the bugs that are ailing you. 

10. Be prepared
And by that I don't mean, "talk yourself into getting sick", what I mean is to have comfort items in the house for when ailments strike. Like a first aid kit but made up from items we'll actually use; like peppermint tea bags, honey, lip balm and a snuggly hat. 
Also, no matter what bug I have, I always feel at my worst first thing in the morning, so, I always lay things out for myself the night before. This may sound ridiculous, but I know myself too well; if I don't lay put my Kleenex or my lemsip sachets in t bag the night before then the next day I'll be in a rush, forget them and spend the whole day hating it. Be a little organised, take a couple of minutes to gather your supplies- your body will thank you. 

So that's it. That's all I got, but I would welcome any ideas from you all!
If this is the last you hear from me then I've succumbed to the sniffles, failing that, I'll speak to you real soon. 

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