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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Battle Royale - Winter Lipbalms

Hello friends! 

Well, like many of you (I suspect) I spend the majority of my Winter time frantically applying lotions, balms and creams to various, relevant areas in an effort to not end up as ... dust I guess. 

Nothing gets hit worse by the wind and the cold than my lips. My poor little lips. If I'm not organised with the lip care then I literally can't smile between October and May as my lips just crack and bleed when stretched. Ouch. 

But, what lip balms are up to this challenge? Which are gimmicks? Which have too many downsides - hair stuck to mouth anyone? 

Well, I've been road testing a whole bunch this year and at the end of this Battle Royale, only one will be left standing. (Or lying inanimately in a drawer... they're not actually superhero lip balms *sigh*).

So, let's begin.

Chapstick, Apple (OK, not the most classic flavour ever but whatevs), available here at Boots, £1.05

It's a classic for a reason folks. It applies so smoothly and there's no grease or residue left either - which is something I absolutely can't stand. It smells amazing but it doesn't have a taste really - that might be a con for some, but I don't love flavoured stuff as I just end up licking it all off. It also has SPF 15 which is always a good idea, even here in rainy Scotland. And, it's super budget friendly!

Although it does leave lips feeling lovely when applied, I don't feel it hangs around that long - I have to reapply a lot, which isn't great for when I'm busy or on the go.

Carmex, Cherry, Available here at Boots, £2.69

SPF 15, super moisturising and it stays put to do the job! Readily available and easy to get ahold of. It really is a great moisturiser, you can feel your lips absorbing it and coming back to life, you can hear them sighing with relief!

I've never seen this formula in a stick/tube. I don't like the kind they do sell in the tubes, they don't seem nearly as effective to me? However, overall not a fan of finger application lip balms as I would only apply them with clean hands and not when I'm down the High Street in the wind... which is when I need them.
Also, the cherry menthol taste, which I do quite like, does not mix well with food or drink at all - seriously unpleasant stuff. 
Basically this stuff is great, but for me it's probably best left at home for application before bed.

The Body Shop here, Hemp Lip protector, £4.00

On first application it is very, very moisturising. I like the smell (though I know a lot of people don't), it's a change from sweet/fruity/floral stuff.

Let me just say, I expected to love this. As far as I can tell, everyone and their dog loves this... but I really don't.
As I said above, the first application is very moisturising, but I find it leaves SUCH a residue, any other application is just horrible, it all smears and there's 'bits' (what even are they?!) and just ick.
There's also no SPF and, given it's almost 4 times the price of a chapstick, I really, really don't think it's worth it. 

Carmex Moisture Plus in Berry, Available here at Boots, £4.49

This has SPF15, easy application, safe storage (by that I mean the lid stays well put and won't give your handbag interior a lovely berry shimmer), good moisturisation and a lovely colour.

Well, it still has that menthol taste that doesn't bother me until I eat or drink something.That's just personal feeling, I know, but even that aside I struggle to 'love' it as I find the colour (while gorgeous) doesn't stay put awful well. I find it bleeds and smears a fair bit. I also find I go through it quite quickly, meaning it could potentially become a bit pricier than I'd like for a lipbalm!

The Body Shop here, Honeymania Lip Balm, £4.00

Very secure twist lid means it won't come off and get covered in ick, lovely smell that's light and a bit different. Very moisturising and it does stay on lips very well, also, you only need to use a little at a time, so while a little more expensive than some, it will last a while.

Well... I would actually describe this as more of a 'lip butter', it's like wearing body butter on your lips. Handy, in the sense that's it's all creamy and softening, but, not great if you want to eat or drink anything. Honestly, if I put this on and then drink a glass of water, you'll be able to see all the residue on the cup. This also has no SPF and requires a clean finger to apply so it's definitely something I'd keep at home by the bed rather than n my handbag. 

Anatomicals, Stop Cracking Up, Available here on ASOS, £2.55

Um, the witty name?

Everything else. Now, I'm trying to be objective in all of this, but I honestly can't see what upside there could possibly be to this.
It doesn't provide moisturising. At all. In any way. It's sticky. It tastes and smells like plastic. It has no SPF... need I go on.
I'd definitely avoid this one!

Korres, Mandarin Lip Butter Stick in Rose, Available here on ASOS, £8.00

I really like this one. It's SPF 15 and full of moisturising oils. it's tinted, but not so tinted it needs applied in front of a mirror - it's just a very sheer, warm colouring. It's easy to apply and the formula is pleasantly residue free.

Well, the price I suppose. It's £8.00 and for that money does it do anything competitors can't? No, not really. 

Burts Bees, Replenishing Lip Balm with pomegranate oil, Available here at Boots, £3.69

It's easy to apply, very soothing and moisturising, smells lovely, is 100% natural, and lasts a long time (both in terms of on the lips and in terms of how long the stick will last as it only takes one 'swipe' across the lips to apply)

 Not much really, other than that it has no SPF and, although it claims to be tinted, I don't see much colour - which doesn't really bother me as I don't use it for that, but if you bought it expecting some tinted lips, I think you might be disappointed with this one.

Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss, Available here at Boots, £2.99

SPF 20, intense hydration, no residue, no stickiness, gorgeous and noticeable tint, easy to apply, lid stays on....

...They haven't made enough different colours.

And the winner is....


Maybelline Baby Lips!

I know, what a shock.
Honorable mention goes to the Burts Bees lip balms, but the lack of colour and SPF means that Baby Lips beats them. I know some of you might be rolling your eyes about the SPF thing, but the way I see it, is that if there is something out there that does everything you want and does it with SPF (the beautiful Baby Lips), then I'd pick that every day over one without.

I've actually only been using Baby Lips for a (relatively speaking) short time and I haven't tried any of the colourless ones as yet; but I'm a complete covert to the Peach, Strawberry and Cherry varieties. Not sure if I'll ever stray to another lip balm again.

So, that's it, the winner of the winter lip balm battle royale has been declared, but, do you agree? Do you like Baby Lips? Is there something you prefer? Do you disagree with my reviews on any of the products... let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading,

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