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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Beauty Favourites | December 2013

An Assortment of Beauty and Lifestyle Items

I'm still slightly in shock that December - and all the lights, food and fun that it brings - is over. Where did it go? My favourite month of the year and it just flew by... *sigh* Anyway, the end of the month (or erm, in this case the start of a new month - woopsies) always means one thing - it's monthly favourites time, so let's get started!

A Revlon top coat, an NYC red polish and an Essie glitter polish

Starting off with nail varnishes, and there were three products that I just couldn't get enough of in December. Firstly, there's the Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat which is possibly the least exciting product to include in a favourites, but there you go, I think it's well worth the mention. It dries nails so fast, which is a life saver for me as I always get impatient and smudge them everywhere, and, as a bonus, it leaves a lovely, glossy finish on my nails. The second product, I've actually already blogged about here, so I won't ramble on again, but it's the NYC Color in a Minute in Times Square (can't find a link for this online, unfortunately). It's super budget friendly, long wearing (even better than I thought in my original post), fast drying, well applying, nice finishing and.. it's opaque in one coat. Probably my favourite nail varnish range of all time now! And thirdly, keeping with the lovely festive red from NYC, we have an even more Christmassy colour from Essie; it's Beyond Cosy and it's a fantastic glitter polish that applies brilliantly, is surprisingly durable and has the most gorgeous glitter finish.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Cleanser and LUSh Skin Drink

Moving on now to some skin care products, and I've made a few changes to my skin care routine. At night, I've been using a new (to me) moisturiser from LUSH, it's called Skin Drink. Firstly, I have to say that I can't stand the smell, honestly, it smells like sesame oil and for me, that's gag worthy. However, the results are so worth it. I have dry skin at the best of times and in December; in the wind and the rain, well, you know - but this lotion is so thick and hydrating it has really saved my skin this winter. I think it'll be too heavy for a lot of skin types and even for me come the summer, but for now, wow, I LOVE it.

I've also fallen in love with a new cleanser for morning use and that's The Body Shop Vitamin C, Facial Cleansing Polish. It's a hot cloth cleanser enriched with vitamin C (duh), designed to bring life to dull looking skin - which is most certainly what I have in the dead of winter. It smells amazing; like that liquid vitamin C stuff you got as a kid....anyone remember that...?...just me... oh. But yeah, the smell is so refreshing and it really does brighten my skin. Just what I need first thing on dark winter mornings.

an Urban Decay Eye Liner and a Body Shop lipstick

And moving on to makeup, I have to say, I haven't used a lot this month. It has rained so, so much that there's been a lot of days it's just felt like, what is the point of putting makeup on.. it'll be running down my chin by the time it will get to the bus stop. As a result of a more minimal makeup look, I have re-discovered a makeup favourite though, and that is the 24/7 Glide On Eyeliners from Urban Decay. In particular, the shade Desperation has hardly left my face. You see I've traded out full eye makeup that never lasts in the weather and just gone back to waterproof mascara and smudged out eyeliner. Urban Decay eyeliners and the best, in my opinion, they stay put, they don't fade, crease or smudge and the colour payoff from just one sweep is amazing.

I have also found a new lipstick favourite. Lipstick in winter is always a little tricky; I find it so drying on my lips, which is the last thing I need in winter, but then equally I need some colour to diminish the 'corpse face' effect I'll otherwise be rocking. So this December I got my Christmas miracle when I found the Colourglide Shine Lip Colour from The Body Shop (now discontinued). I'm often a little skeptical of lipsticks that market themselves heavily as 'moisturising' as to me it seems like they focus too much on this and leave colour as an afterthought. This lipstick however, while it does promote itself as being moisturising, it certainly doesn't let colour fall by the wayside! It's a fantastically smooth application and a soft finish that still has some real colour substance to it. I've been wearing this every day at my work as it's a good level of intensity (as in, not so much my manager will tell me off but still enough that it's worth sneaking into the fitting rooms to touch up) and it's even fantastic. It lasts a not fantastic, but perfectly reasonable length of time, it is very flattering and, and, I just love it!! The only unfortunate thing is that I had a look through the website and there's only a few colours and I'm not convinced any of the others would work for me, but maybe when I got into store and swatch them I'll be proven wrong. 

A selection of Pukka Teas

And lastly, a bit of a random favourite, Pukka Teas. I have been drinking these like they're water this month. I received a couple of tea bags in my November Birchbox and I haven't been able to get them off my mind since. I'm not finding a great availability of flavours in local shops, but I've loved all that I've tried. Truly a league apart from the likes of Twinings.   

And so that's my favourites for another month, where does time go! I hope you've enjoyed reading along!

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