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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Beauty Favourites | January 2014

So, I don't feel this month's favourites will be terribly exciting (hey, whaddya mean 'are they ever'!?!) because I don't feel I've tried an awful lot of new products. I was sick for a while - so I was just throwing on whatever, and then it's just rained constantly so I've not been wearing a lot of makeup and I've worn my hair up a lot. Exciting. And probably not a great introduction; it's all downhill from here folks....

Hair Care
Haven't tried any new styling products this month (or *cough* really been using any), but I have continued on in my quest for a more suitable conditioner. I've been using the Jungle solid conditioner from LUSH for about a year now and its alright, but not great. It certainly detangles my mane, but it doesn't moisturise as much as I need, at least not in winter. So I've tried various new things, but American Cream from LUSH is the best I've come across. It smells like classic LUSH, I must have had something with that scent as a kid, and it just takes me back to happy times shopping in Glasgow, you know, back in the day when you shopped with your parents' money and not your own. *sigh* good times. This conditioner is a lot heavier than Jungle, but my hair, being so thick, kind of needs that. It detangles, moisturises and doesn't leave a greasy residue. Only downside is that it's not the cheapest - and I truly believe LUSH products are worth paying extra for, but in this case, I don't know if my budget is up to buying a big bottle at the moment.

Body Care
Two products feature in this category this month, first up the Hemp Body Butter from The Body Shop. My skin has been so, so dry this month. Probably tied in with not being well to be honest. So I've been using this body butter most mornings and I think it's great. It's very thick but it does rub in pretty well, but what I love about it is that it leaves a protective balm on your skin - I mean that in a nice, non greasy way - so it's like it kind of guards your skin from drying out.

The second product is the Close to You massage bar from LUSH (no link available as this was a limited edition product). I love their massage bars in general, but this just happens to be the one I've got on the go just now. These things are like relaxation in a bar for me. I'll rub them onto my own skin following a nice bath at night so that I'm all chilled for bed time, or, preferably, I'll enlist Kenny to rub my back with it for hours while I purr like a kitten and cry when he stops. Poor boy. 

Make up and Nails
First up in this category it's the much loved (by me and the rest of the world) Maybelline Baby Lips- in Peach! I just can't seem to get enough of this product, despite my valiant attempts to apply it every 15 seconds. I love the scent, the packaging, the pretty shine on my lips, on and err, the moisturising too, of course.

Secondly another lip product that I've already blogged about my love for, here, it's the Lord and Berry Intensity Lipstick in Glazed Pink. It lives in my hand bag next to the Baby Lips and it's what I put on if I feel I need a little more oomph. The formula and application is amazing and it really suits my everyday, neutral makeup look.

Thirdly, it's a new mascara (well, new to me I mean), it's the Maybelline Rocket Fuel mascara - the black, non waterproof version. My sister kindly bought me this after she'd seen my lusting after it, and honestly, it's been love at first use even though... it's not a fibre brush! I know, I didn't think I could be converted! I have a full review coming so I shan't ramble here (well, much), I'll just say that it's amazing. It's super quick to apply, you don't need like seven coats for a great look, it stays put and it really makes my lashes look like more than I would ever have thought possible. 

And lastly in this category I have the Barry M Nail Paint in Matt White. When I got this nail varnish and tried it on, there was just this lightswitch moment where I felt my destiny had been reached. Why have I ever worn any other nail colour? White nails are the most amazing thing ever, ever. And, as a bonus, they're on trend too!

 Well the great tea fascination does continue from last month, my little sister is onboard now too, and we can barely fit the biscuits in the 'tea and biscuit' cupboard (I know, could we be more British with that cupboard?!)

But really this month, guiltily, it's Creme Eggs I've been practically inhaling. I eat three in one go and then console myself by googling images that show how much they've shrunk, so really, I've just eaten one and a bit. Yeah. That's it.

So that's my January favourites; not the most well rounded or expansive but hey, it's been an unadventurous month. What were your January favourites?  

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