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Sunday, 5 January 2014

January Sales Haul!

Hello everyone!

Some of you may remember that in an effort to break my usual bad sale shopping habits, this year I made a wish list (here) and was determined to stick to it and not come home with 100 never-to-be-worn "bargains". So, how did I do?

Things I was actually lucky enough to receive as gifts...

There were a couple of items on the list that I was lucky enough to receive as Christmas gifts and therefore they were obtained cost (and guilt) free. Score! These items were a super snuggly M&S dressing gown and the amazing River Island Renaissance t-shirt I'd been lusting after for ages, but had given up hope of finding!

So, what did I get in the sales then...?!

From H&M

I went into H&M right at the start of the sale and was prepared to have to seriously restrain myself. If I'm going to go mad shopping somewhere, this is generally my problem area. But not this time. I felt like the sale in my store was just the same stock that had been on sale for months, I was really unimpressed. I did however have a chance to try on the Boucle coat I'd been lusting for and... it made me look like a hobo. And not in a chic way either. Well, that's one item off the list.

I ventured on to the H&M website and was still relatively 'meh' about the sale (but completely in love with about 100 things from the spring arrivals, *sigh*), but I found a few things I fancied.
I apologise for the H&M website images above, but my order has still not arrived and I didn't want to delay this post any longer!

velvet leggings £6 // I know some people may cringe, but I've been wanting to play with the texture of these for a while now... plus I've watched too much Buffy the Vampire Slayer #90'sStyle
top in slub jersey £3 // I've recently acquired a number of patterned trousers and skirts and I've realised that I could actually do with some plain top halves to team them up with.
Knitted jumper £10 // Okay, I don't really have justification for buying this. Um, my finger slipped?
Koala iPhone 4 case // I bought an iPhone case from Accessorize the day I got my iPhone as I realised otherwise I was going to have to continue carrying around in a protective ski sock. I never really loved the case and now it's completely battered, so, time to move on.

From River Island

I showed more restrain here than normal, and I'm quite proud to be honest as I think their sale was pretty amazing this year!  I placed an online order when the sale started on the 23rd and then I only bought one tshirt in store!

Molly jacquard jeggings in burgundy £10 // I had put patterned treggings/jeggings on my wish list, but when the sale went live, I felt these were more wearable.
Molly jacquard jeggings in bottle green £10 // Wait, I got two pairs.. wow, how... strange.. Ahem
Green and gold statement necklace £6 // Even though necklaces were something I was absolutely definitely not going to buy... I just *had* to get this. To be fair, it will go with about half my wardrobe, so I should get good wear from it.
Peacock t-shirt £7 // I shouldn't have bought this, I know. But I just thought it was so pretty, and it's springish so I should be wearing it for a while

From Topshop

I had £20 in Topshop vouchers and to be honest, I'm not a fan. I went online on Christmas day to spend them, hoping to avoid having to actually go into a store. 
MODEL lace up vintage boots £25 // Okay, so I actually ended up spending more than the voucher, but I really, really liked these and I'm hoping they may be better quality than the Topshop clothes!

New Look

I had one thing on my wishlist to get from here and the good news is that I got it... the bad news is that I got some other stuff too. Woopsies. 
Burgundy leather look shoulder top £5 // I had to get this one size up so it's not the best fit, but it still fills a gap in my wardrobe (I mean, not literally. I have no gaps in my wardrobe, I need a crowbar to get things in and out)
Bottle Green casual blouse £5 // A nice plain top to wear with more complex "bottoms"
Burgundy casual blouse £5 // ...And another...
Navy blue casual blouse £4 // ... And another ... oops
Grey slub leather trim t-shirt £5 // I have a top very similar to this which I love, but I can't find. Grr. I wore it a lot, so I feel it was justified to replace.
Victorian Garnet colour earrings £2 // Bargain!
Green and gold vintage style statement necklace £3 // Yes, another one. I am weak.


I showed good restraint this year by not buying any of the reduced gift sets. Well, I bought one as a gift for someone but that doesn't count! I did however buy a couple of things when their "buy one get one half price" offer launched online for Sleek. 
Sleek Au Naturel eyeshadow palette £7.99 (but actually half price) // I had on my wish list the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. I so, so badly wanted it. I almost caved and got the Naked 3, as I just craved neutral eye colours. But, I decided to get this instead. It's much more budget friendly, and to be fair, I've been really impressed with Sleek so far.
Sleek seven piece brush set £12.99 // I genuinely needed new brushes, so this was totally justified. I wasn't sure about ordering them without having seen them in the flesh, but they seem pretty great and for a really good price.

I did also order a couple of little presents for people, but I don't think it's safe to share them - you never know who might be reading!


Boxing Day morning, I set my alarm and sat poised at the lap top with the LUSH window open at 0855. As soon as a the sale launched I was on it, and made it through checkout in 5 minutes and before any delays or crashes happened. Phew. I had my heart set on the Fab Christmas gift, but when the sale first launched, the gift boxes weren't added. I knew from past experience that they would probably come in time, but I decided not to gamble, and just placed an order for the individual items I wanted.

 FUN Gold £2.50 //  I love FUN, I think it's a great invention, and this is one of my favourite LUSH scents.. so how could I not?!
Ginger body lotion £6.47 // I had never actually smelled this before ordering it, so it was a bit of a wild card - thankfully it smells fantastic.
500g Olive Branch shower gel £7.72 // This actually is for the boyfriend, not me, but I wanted to list it as a reminder to myself for next year that it may well go in the sale (so don't buy him a big bottle for Christmas like you did this year!)
100g Ponche shower gel £2.15 // My favourite of the LUSH Christmas scents  
Rub Rub Rub shower scrub £4.62 // An old favourite I haven't used in ages
Santa Baby lip tint £2.75 // Just seemed like a bargain!
Santa's Lip Scrub £2.75 // Have completely misplaced my bubblegum one
240g Sweetie Pie shower jelly £3.22 // Never competent enough to use these, but it's fun to watch them jiggle around
After 8.30 massage bar £2.25 // I've only tried a couple of LUSH massage bars, but I LOVE them. Hoping this one lives up to expectations
100g Grass shower gel  £2.47 // Another favourite I haven't had in a while
100g Buche de Noel £2.97 // Totally new to me and very excited to try it!

And that's everything folks! I started this post thinking I had done quite well this year, but reading it back, I'm not so sure!

I ended up not getting most of the things on my beauty wish list, mostly because I decided I didn't really need them - which is a good thing, well done Kitty. But then I did spend more at LUSH than I had planned to..

Did you get what you wanted in the sales? Were you organised and controlled or in a bargain frenzy?

Thanks for reading,


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