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Saturday, 25 January 2014

A Thrifted Backpack | January 2014

So sometimes I window shop in shops like Zara, Topshop and Debenhams and I think to myself that I would buy everything in the shop if only I had the money, I make wishlists and draw doodles of myself wearing the coveted clothing. I can't get it off my mind and I go in and stroke it at every chance I get.

But then most of the time, instead of fantasising, I look at the price tags and am like "Whaaaaaaa? You want how much for a t-shirt?!?"

I shop in charity shops so often, Primark seems expensive to me.

I've been shopping in charity shops since I got my first job at thirteen (that was, coincidently enough, located right opposite a charity shop). I would like to say that I started shopping there because I had a sixth sense for hidden style gems, but really it was because I was skint.

To this day, I shop in charity shops more than anywhere else and I love it. Even when  have some cash to splash (Ha, I can almost remember a time...) I'll check charity shops first. I know that a lot of people don't like them, and don't shop there, but I wanted to start a monthly feature showing my number one charity shop find of the month. I also thought of doing a couple of "how to" guides for successful charity shop shopping, as it is certainly different than popping into your local River Island, let me know in the comments if that's something you would be interested in!

So this is my top find for January. Now, it's from F+F at Tesco originally so even though I got it for only £1.85, it's not necessarily the hugest bargain. 
However, this ticks another of the "why would you shop in a charity shop" boxes. I've been lusting after girly back packs for ages now and in fact almost bought one a few days before seeing this in New Look (for £12, I'm glad I didn't!), but I'm always held back by the practicality issue.
I think the back pack I bought is super cute, and I think it can be styled a lot of different ways - but when will I actually use it? Having my phone and purse in there makes it  a pain to wear shopping (having to swing the back pack round every time to get things out), but then, I don't exactly use a bag for much else. If I'm out a walk I don't take one, and I'm not likely to take a back pack out to a restaurant either. 
And this is why charity shops are great; they allow me to scratch my floral back pack itch for very little money and if I love it, great, and if I don't, well, I'll re-donate it from whence it came and I'm not out a lot of cash.
Charity shops, being so cheap, allow you to experiment and try new things that you maybe wouldn't "risk" spending money on otherwise.

So looking at this bag specifically (sorry about all the gushing and rambling!); I love the pleather and the floral fabric together; I think it allows for it to be worn so many more ways than if it was just all fabric - it makes it seem a lot more wintery too.

The fabric pattern too; I mean it's floral, but it's winter floral so it means it's wearable now, but also probably through Spring/Summer, depending what I wear it with.
The 'gold' buckles are a big plus for me too; a couple of the ones I loved in New Look had 'silver' detailing and I never wear anything silver really so it's just easier if my accessories don't feature it. 

So I had fully intended to have photographs of myself in this post wearing an outfit styled with the bag... but guys, I swear, it hasn't stopped raining here in forever. SeriouslySo I think I'll have to... take a rain check?

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