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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Lord and Berry Intensity lipstick in Glazed Pink

This was a product that I actually got in the December edition of the Love Me Beauty Box, but I haven't titled the post as such as I've decided to cancel my subscription with them, due to various issues I had with their products, and their customer service (or, frankly, their lack there-of)

One good thing that came out of my Love Me Beauty boxes, was this lipstick. It has become my hand bag lipstick. My comfort blanket. My "in case of (makeup) emergency, apply frantically" safety net. 

It's a colour that actually, if I looked at in a photo or walked past in a store, I wouldn't have picked for myself - it looks quite "sweetie" pink, which does odd things to my complexion. (read: it makes my eyebrows look huge, and I know that makes no sense guys, but it does.) But actually it's a brilliantly pale brown toned pink. Because I have dark eyes, and usually dark eye makeup, wearing a lip colour this pale gives me an almost 90's grunge look, which I am LOVING. 

OK, I'm gushing. Let's reign it in Kitty, bring it on back. 

OK, so application is really smooth and it doesn't leave a residue that's sticky, slippy or streaky. In terms of taste and smell, it reminds me of when I was a little kid and used to go into my mum's room and try her lip stick on. So it smells like the mid 1990's then. I hope that description was helpful for you.

It wears well, but not brilliantly. It doesn't smudge and when it does fade, it fades evenly, which is always a plus as you don't have to worry when you're out that your top lip looks a totally different colour from your bottom lip.

So yeah, in case i haven;t made it clear by now, I am LOVING this lipstick and will definitely be trying out more colours from this brand in the (near) future.

Do you use Lord and Berry lipsticks? Which colour is your favourite? Which do you recommend I try, based on how in love with this one I am?

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