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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Nails of the Month - January Blues

Hey guys!

How are we coping with the short days, horrible weather and general gloominess? Am I the only one still suffering from the Post-Christmas, January Blues? Surely not!
Now, in most areas of my life I give myself a good hard shake to try and rid myself of the glum feeling - I listen to happy music, I have hot chocolate to look forward to after coming in from the cold, I rejoice in putting my jammies on exactly 6 seconds after I get the front door unlocked.

But still, the rain, wind and cold gets me down and is definitely reflected in this month's nail choices - I've got the January Blues! 

Left to right (above):
Rimmel Pro, Aqua Cool // Models Own, Snowflakes £5 // Nails Inc, mini bottle,  Westminster Bridge Road// Bourjois Paris, Bleu Laquer // Maybeline Forever Strong, Ceramic Blue // Essie, Beyond Cosy £9 // Models Own, Prussian Blue £5



Bourjois Paris So Laque, Bleu Violet // A High gloss, gorgeous shade of blue/purple. I've actually had this for a year or so, and I was given it as a gift. It's not a colour I would ever have chosen for myself, but I've worn it so much. The purple tones in the colour really give it some warmth and it adds such a fantastically flattering colour pop to so many of my all-black outfits.

Essie, Beyond Cosy // This was actually one of the first Essie polishes I bought, not that long ago and I've worn it so much since! I wore it loads in the 'sparkles, sparkles, SPARKLES' run up to Christmas, and it's carried over now as an accent nail in more wintery, January appropriate looks,

Maybelline Forever Strong, Ceramic Blue //  This was something I saw in Poundland at the start of winter (so, August then) and snapped up. Despite my best efforts, I haven't been able to capture the true colour. There is a super fine darker blue glitter throughout that isn't visible at a glance, but adds the most gorgeous frosty shimmer when you move your hands.

Models Own, Snowflakes // A fantastic topcoat that looks just like snowflakes, again, it's a nice transition after Christmas glitter-mania. It's so wintery and really adds a distinct look to your nails.

Models Own, Prussian Blue // I actually received this in a Love me Beauty box recently and, I think it's either old or faulty stock; it is so thick and sticky (and I use a lot of Models Own polishes so I know it's not the norm!). Anyway, I'm just adding that in because mine has a very matte finish and I'm not 100% sure that it's supposed to! 
It's a fantastic shade of blue, very everyday - which is not something I usually feel with blue - and I actually do like the matte finish, accidental or not!

Nails Inc., Westminster Bridge Road // This is a mini bottle I got as part of the Best Dressed Nails set. I love the nail effects/top coats that Nails Inc make; they're all so unique and are actually worth the hassle of applying and removing glitter. This one is no exception.

Rimmel Lycra Pro, Aqua Cool // I wear a lot of Rimmel nail polishes; I love their brushes and their colour range has a lot to offer. This is a step away from pure blue, and into more lilac tones; something a little warmer, but definitely still with a wintery feel.

What about you - what's your favourite blue nail varnish? What colours are you rocking this January?

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