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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Shopping with my Sister - a Mini Collective Haul

Hello friends!

So I recently "popped into town" with my sister to help her spend a couple of vouchers she had as well as to advise her on other purchases. We were just going to go to a couple of places, and we were going to be very good and not get anything we didn't need- which for me means not buying anything. We should have known this was doomed from the start.

Actually, I didn't do too badly. Well, if we look at it in "I'm not buying anything" mode then I did terribly, but, if we consider how much temptation I faced then actually, I'm actually quite proud of myself.

 Accessorize, cross bracelet £2 // So cute, so perfect for my style, such a bargain... and so delicate I'll no doubt either break it or lose it.
Accessorize, skull bracelet £2.50 // My sister actually bought this for me as, surprisingly enough, I was struggling to justify buying it. It's just so adorable though.

New Look, monochrome jumper £9 // It was love at first sight with this piece but I thought it would be the size too small and would look terrible. So I tried it on assuming it would look bad and I could leave without it. Oops, it actually fitted well.

The Body Shop, Brazil Nut Beautifying Oil £4.50 // I've been wanting to try some of the oil from here for ages and the Brazil Nut is one of my favourite scents - so when it's half price... Justified purchase. Sort of.

Poundland, Jess nail varnish, Bling, £1 // So this was a new stand that's appeared in our local Poundland and curiosity won over. I'll report back with what they're like.
Poundland, Jess nail varnish, Harmony, £1 // Well, I thought it made sense to get one glitter top coat and one actual nail varnish. You know, for research purposes.

River Island, black turtleneck, £11.20 //  This actually sells for £16 but my sister had some discount and was able to get this for me using it. It's more than I would normally pay for something quite 'plain' but it just really caught my eye. I tried it on and it's really flattering and will be great with a statement necklace for a pop of colour.

Primark, corduroy pinafore, £5 // This was reduced from £12 down to £5 and it was a total impulse buy, but frankly, a bargain. I LOVE pinafores, I used to wear them a lot (to school, in my teens... I was an oddball) but I haven't seen them around much of late. I'm going to be honest and say this isn't amazing on, but for £5 I'm not too worried and I think I'll still get plenty wear out of it.

So that's that, a little afternoon's shopping. Nothing expensive or fancy, but we had a lot of fun browsing around. Hopefully I'm going to start doing OOTD posts (now that I've convinced Kenny to help with taking photos) and so I'll be showing you how I style this stuff.

Thanks for reading,

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