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Monday, 13 January 2014

Showin' Some Gratitude - Number 2

Hey guys! 

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend - nice and relaxing, or hectic and exciting, whatever floats your boat :)

Seeing as it's Monday, it means I'm back with my 5 Things I'm Grateful For post. 
 I'm grateful for friends, who make me laugh and cheer me up, who believe in me and support me.... and buy me pretty stationary from Paperchase.

 I'm grateful for the first signs of Spring peeking through. Don't get me wrong, I know it's a loooooong way off here in Scotland, but I'm glad to see snowdrops and crocuses starting to appear - I love the colours and just the knowledge that life is beginning again all around us. 
I'm grateful for slipper socks! The temperature has dropped noticeably round here the past few days, and suddenly, having laminate flooring everywhere doesn't seem like such a great idea - thank goodness for fleecy lined slipper socks!

I'm grateful for annoying games on my phone - I'm looking at you Papa Pear Saga. How did we wait at bus stops, or pass time on trains or procrastinate effectively before phones with games on them? How did we lose entire days before we had "that level"* to deal with? In all seriousness though, thank goodness for silly games to make boring times more fun... and addictive.

 I'm grateful for toastie machines/toasties. We dug ours out on one of those rainy, horrible days where we'd have rather eaten a couple of the dust bunnies than walk to the supermarket for food. A toastie machine turns even the most simple food; slightly past it bread and cheese, into a glorious warming, liquid filled, yumminess. Since then, I've been "toastie-ing" constantly. With just a few simple ingredients you can entertain feed yourself for a long time! 

And so that's what I'm grateful for this week.
What about you, what are you grateful for in your life - little things or big?


*Also, if anyone fancies popping round and getting me past level 54, I'd very much appreciate it!!

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