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Monday, 27 January 2014

What's in my Bag? | January 2014

Head's Up folks, this might be a little dull for a beauty/style blog, because I don't actually carry many beauty products around (I'm generally far too lazy for touch ups and reapplications when I'm out and about). But I shall be honest, and hey, maybe seeing all the junk I carry about actually put in writing will encourage me to clean out my handbag!

The bag itself is a little black satchel from H&M that I received from my Mum at Christmas. It was reduced to £10 which is on a par, price-wise with Primark satchels, but oh my gosh, does this one look a lot less cheap and plasticy! It's really very soft and there's enough detailing on it to make it look quite a bit more expensive than it really was - always a plus. 
The buckles are decorative, they actually fasten with metal poppers and, something I really like, there's also a much more sturdy/trustworty central clasp - that turns and locks in place. It's nice that when running for the bus or maneuvering through a crowded shop, you don't have to worry about your bag popping open. 
The downside of this bag? It can't be worn cross body. There's a shoulder strap so it can be carried on one shoulder, and there's a handle at the top to just carry it in your hand also. I surprisingly, usually just carry it in my hand - which actually helps me be more aware of the weight of it, and the harm I'm doing to my shoulders, lugging stuff about.

I also have a cute, little bag charm at the moment. He was also a Christmas gift - he comes from Zimbabwe and is part of a charitable outreach program to encourage trade and fair pay for the people who produce him. I think he's gorgeous and that in a weird way, he fits with the bag well. Strange.

So, let's delve inside shall we...

In the two front pockets I carry a couple of 'easy access' items. In one I have a couple of pens; a good old Bic and a cheap 0.3 drawing pen - you never know when inspiration will strike. I also have some change; enough for bus fare, in case I find myself without (which happens about three times a week). In the other pocket I have my favourite thing in the world right now - my Baby Lips in Peach. Honestly, I'm on the verge of writing ballads about my love for this stuff. How can something work so well and be so pretty? I also have my everyday lipstick (which I declared my love for here)  the Lord and Berry Intensity Lipstick in Glazed Pink. This lipstick is the perfect finishing touch to my everyday wintery, neutral makeup look.

 In the main section of the bag there is my phone (an iPhone 4) currently housed in an adorable koala cover (which was from H&M but is no longer available).

My purse that I still think of as being "new"... but I've actually had for about three years now. It's from Accesorize and it's so perfectly pretty and functional (in layout and size) for me that I probably won't replace it until it's so grubby it tries to crawl out my handbag on its own. My purse contains the usual stuff; 70% cards - Boots, Tesco, Nectar, Superdrug, about 12 coffee cards, 25% rubbish - receipts, bus tickets, and a coin bag?, and 5% actual money (most of which is coppers...sigh). Oh, and I also have a handy credit card sized torch.

And my Kindle is in there too, it's just the most basic one, whatever that's called. I don't read as much as I'd like to just now - I read constantly when I was younger. I just never seem to have the time and if I try and read at night, I'm asleep before I've reached the bottom of the page!

An Accesorize camera case... that doesn't contain a camera. No, wait, come back, it's not as crazy as you think it is! (Sort of). This is a hard shell, zip sealed camera case, and, I frequently carry USB sticks and SD cards around with me (along with various other fragile little things), and so I house them in here to protect them from being squished, smashed or lost. I bought this case for £1 in Tesco, so it was a bargain too.

My little strawberry reusable carrier bag that I never, ever remember I have when I'm actually in a shop.

A lint roller brush with a slightly bent handle. Yes, it is weird carrying this big thing about, and yes, I will invest in a non-broken handbag version just as soon as this one is finished.

My makeup bag that doesn't really house makeup!

Inside there are some 'lady items' ahem, which I'll spare you the photos of! I also have an apple Chapstick (yum), my Carmex berry tinted lip balm (which is really flattering and a great thing to fling on if I suddenly need to look more put together) a mini L'Occitane shea butter hand cream - this stuff is the bomb. Though that's probably not the marketing tag they use. (Ha, could you imagine). My slightly battered bottle of my all time favourite perfume Anna Sui's Secret Wish. This was my first ever 'proper' perfume that I bought when I was 13 and every time I smell it it takes me back that crazy, teenagery summer and it makes me smile. My Benefit lip colour in Fling. (Gee, I seem to have quite a few lip products..) Some soluble paracetamol, because I can't swallow tablets. A Lemsip, because I'm an old person. Inexplicably, some old cinema tickets. Well, at leas they're from a good film. Some mini wet wipes, because I don't think anyone should leave the house without these, ever. EVER. And lastly a £5 note, in case I ever forget my purse. Although what exactly you can do with £5 these days, I'm not sure!

There's also a packet of Minnie Mouse tissues - that usually end up floating around in there for so long, that by the time I need one, I fish them out and it's just like "ew, those aren't going near my face". Helpful.

A tiny and battered green Moleskine pocket notebook. For inspiration, phone numbers and to do lists.

My keys (well, hopefully they're in my bag, I can't say it always happens). Complete with big Mickey Mouse head carribiner clip and lip gloss attachments - for those true sparkle related emergencies. The lipglosses are from H&M but I can't see them on the site any more.

Big Paperchase notebook that I was gifted recently by a friend. I keep notes on the blog in here, as well as wishlists, to buy lists, ideas for people's Birthday presents, outfits I want to try out. Just general "girl stuff" I guess.

Sketchbook and a drawing pen - because I am a journal artist and so this is my thang. Well, not so much lately, but I will get back to it, honestly!

Ziplock bags. Because again, nobody should ever be without them. So, so many uses. Sticky candy wrapper and no bin around? Boom. Found a pretty but sandy and disgusting shell you want to bring home? Boom. Want a nail varnish remover pad but not to carry the whole tub? Boom. 

Deoderant. At the moment it's a Nivea one, which I think I chose because it was the only mini available where I was, but I wouldn't repurchase it. It's not, err, effective enough for me.

Mints, who doesn't carry mints (well actually me at the time of taking these photographs, I had finished my current packet!). At the moment it's the Wrigley's Extra Chewy Mints I can't get enough of - especially the sweetmint flavour. HOW GOOD IS THAT?! Yum. Only problem is I pick all those ones out and kind of ignore the rest until they spill out of the packet, into my handbag and go all sticky. Lovely.

Phone charger, because, let's face it, nobody with an iPhone can ever leave the house without theirs.

Ta-dah! That is all the junk that's in my hand bag - it's no wonder my bag is often sore! 
If you've written a what's in my bag post (or made a video) please link it in the comments below, I love reading these posts from other people!


  1. Oooooo I have the same lipstick too !! My puppy biit the packaging though! Gutted! You well make me laugh! "Come back!" Xx

    1. Lol at your puppy chewing it! Bet he was too cute to be mad at though! :)


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