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Monday, 24 February 2014

A Mini Birthday Haul

So Thursday was my birthday and I hit the ripe old age of twenty-three *sob*. Time to get 17 cats and learn to knit. Anyway, enough with the melodrama (for now), I wanted to show you the lovely treats I received because I love seeing these sorts of posts from other people - not because I'm showing off. It's a mini haul as most of my presents are actually missing because either a) I haven't got them yet (joy of divorced parents) or b) they're not 'things'. My boyfriend and I skipped presents this year as we're treating ourselves to a mega fancy meal on our holiday instead, and my mum is buying us tickets for an event on that same holiday. So here we go.

Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in Candy Mist
Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in Heather

I got some lovely makeup bits and bobs some I chose myself with money I was given. Some Natural Collection stuff - finally some clear mascara to tame my ferocious brows, some gorgeous new nail varnishes, and some Spring time makeup which I'm so excited to start wearing. Oh and a Neutral eyeshadow palette *cough* how did that get in there *cough*.

I also received from my sister, the Real Techniques Eye Starter Set. I am over the moon with this. I have been wandering past and stroking them in Boots forever and I kept working up the nerve to buy them... but then could just never justify the cost when I had brushes that were "fine".

Miscellaneous bits and bobs too such as a lovely owl purse that is just beautiful, a necklace from Accessorize that's so my style (and matches a bracelet I have) and of course, the obligatory LUSH
item - in the form of one of my favourites, a Rose Queen bath bomb.

I also received some cosy stuff - which is good too as winter doesn't seem to be going anywhere round here, brr. Some toasty gloves, which is handy as I actually never got round to buying any this year, and a scarf that is just the cheeriest, happiest thing I've ever seen. I have worn it every time I've left the house since I got it!

So yeah that was me, thoroughly spoiled with gifts and a lovely lunch, and dinner! I also did receive vast quantities of chocolate, but erm.. how strange, can't seem to photograph any of it for some reason! I'll do a proper overview of the makeup stuff with swatches and stuff soon, and reviews too, so if you're especially interested in anything, let me know in the comments below!

As ever, thanks for reading and please feel free to leave me comments below - I love reading your thoughts on my posts. There's also buttons on the sidebar should you wish to follow me on social media stuff.

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