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Friday, 28 February 2014

Beauty Favourites from February 2014

**This post was updated in October 2017to correct some bad grammar and sort out some broken links**

 I actually cannot believe that it's time to sit here and write these - time is moving scary fast. I keep consoling myself that "February is a short month, it always goes by so fast..." but it's not really working. On the plus side, we're like a sixth of the way until Christmas!! Woop Woop.

Umberto Gianni Curl Friends Natural Curls Styling Spray £4.79 (now discontinued)

I'm not usually a hairspray user - unless I'm scraping my curls back and trying to keep them that way, I feel like the 'crunchy hair' effect is just too noticeable in my normally very bouncy hair. This spray however, is different, it's not a setting spray what it does is help you style your locks in the first place. With curly hair after maybe a couple of days, frizz starts to creep in and definition disappears, this spray helps give you back some control over your mane. I've only used it a few times, but feel confident enough to list in here as it really is freaking great - it's newness is the only reason it didn't appear in my recent haircare post.

The Body Shop Wild Rose Caring Hand Wash £5.00

  I got this half price a little while ago and just kinda placed it aside, I mean, it's hand soap - not the most exciting thing in the universe. Or so I thought. It's actually amazing, I mean truly. It is so softening on your hands, it makes the creamiest lather ever and the smell stays on your skin for ages. It smells like roses, duh, but I'll admit it's a little more 'old lady' than 'chic and spring time', but I still totally love it.

Soap and Glory Heel Genius £5.50

I'm not necessarily the hugest fan of this brand - I seem to be allergic to a lot of it, and so have kinda given up trying new things from them. I found this floating around in a drawer though and, one look at my sad, dry, scaly feet convinced me it was worth trying. It's not what I expected; it's a blueish, gel type mask thing. Perfect to be kept by your bed and left do magic over night... and trust me, if it can help my disastrous feet like it does, there certainly must be magic involved!

Liz Earle Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion £10.75

So this certainly isn't a new product, it's been a staple in my household for as long as I can remember. It's just that this month I've really come to appreciate it again. When I was thirteen and a boy broke my heart, mum was there... with a bottle of Eyebright. When I discovered that actually hey, I do get hayfever now, mum was there... with a bottle of Eyebright. You get the picture. And this month I haven't been sleeping well and I've been rather hormotional (I'm blaming it basically entirely on that freaking sad song from Frozen) and so I've had plenty of occasions to use and appreciate Eyebright. It's great for tired, puffy and sore eyes. It's great for calming them if you accidentally get soap, shampoo or thai sweet chili sauce in them... trust me. And of course, it's great for when you have an argument with a special someone, cry for hours and don't want to spend the next day looking like the Elephant Man. Truly a wonder product.

Maybelline Eye Studio Master Shape Brow Pencil £2.99

This has to be in here as I've used it basically every day and I love what it does for my brows. That being said, it is a bit of a love/hate relationship. On one hand it is a perfect match for brow colour - and really, that should make it the holy grail of brow pencils for me - and, it has a great spoolie on the end to make things super convenient. But, there are down sides. It's super, super soft which means that a) although the price tag looks a bargain, it needs repurchased crazy often and b) it will need sharpened all the time so you don't want to be caught without a sharpener, especially if you manage to get one brow done...

The Balm Nude 'Tude Eyeshadow Palette - £26.50

How could this not be in here? I only acquired it a few weeks ago, but I think I've worn it every day since. I don't want to ramble on too much as I have a full review coming, but suffice to say I think the quality is excellent, there's a great range of colours and there's a lot of looks you can create with them. Keep your eyes peeled for my full review, with swatches, coming in the next week or so!

LUSH Butterball - £2.50 (now discontinued)

Not pictured as obviously, once you've used it, it's kinda gone! I did a full review, with pictures - here  - if you're interested. While Space Girl remains my favourite mad, colourful, glitter loaded bath ballistic, Butterball is certainly the most useful I've come across. It's a fantastic concept for people with dry skin, which might well be all of us during the winter months. The bomb is loaded with cocoa butter chunks that melt into the bath water and essentially leave you lying in a bath of moisturiser, fantastic.

Real Techniques Eye Starter Set - £21.99

So I've actually only had these for a week or so as they were a birthday present from my sister, but as anyone who has made the transition to Real Techniques brushes will tell you - it's pretty much love at first sight. The high quality and ease of use these brushes posses is evident straight away. There's not a whole lot of point in my gushing about them as I'm pretty late to the party and they're already universally loved the blog world over! But, I wills say this, for anyone who's not sure about upgrading to them. DO IT, it's like you've spent your whole life trying to eat soup with a fork, and someone has now finally given you a spoon.

So that's that for another month! Thanks to the 3 for 2 in Boots I have some new goodies to play with (haul coming soon) and so hopefully, March's favourites should be a good 'un.
Thanks for taking the time to read my little blog, please feel free to leave any questions or comments below!



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