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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

February's Collective Haul

OOh, two hauls in two days, that's some bad planning. Well actually it's bad weather stopping me from getting out to take any photos... but anyway, I apologise for the repetitiveness (is that a word?). So, I'm kinda not convinced this is actually everything I've accumulated this month, I kinda forgot to keep a list and I was keeping stuff in a bag, but then I think I got bored and took some things out... anyway, here's a little potentially incomplete haul.

So I had some Birchbox points that I had been saving up, waiting for a special item to come back into stop, it did, I leapt on it and I don't regret it at all! Yup, The Balm's Nude 'Tude neutral eyeshadow palette, what a beauty. I do love a neutral palette - and do own a few - but this one really brings some interesting options to the table. To round up my points I then also purchased the Model Co Party Proof Neutral Lipstick Trio. Not as sure what I think of this product at the moment, for reasons that I'll explain in a full review - but on the plus side, I bought them with points and didn't actually pay for them. And completing this little section is a Poundland purchase, and that is the Sally Hansen Sugar Coat nail varnish in Sugar Fix which is... different. Again, initial impressions are that I'm kind of on the fence with this one.

  I was in Glasgow this month so of course, I went into LUSH. It's like the law. Anyway, I was pretty restrained, I grabbed a couple of new things to try and repurchased my shampoo bar as I'm starting to run low (though it's more difficult to tell with a bar than with a bottle!). I picked up the Avobath Bath Bomb as the next item on my quest to try all their bath ballistics- it smells amazingly fresh and clean, seriously looking forward to using this one! I also picked up a new massage bar (new to me I mean, not actually new) the Wiccy Magic Muscles bar. I go back and forth on this every time I smell it - one minute it smells all warm and like peppermint and cinnamon, next sniff I'm like,  the fudge is that?!? It's certainly unique and remains to be seen (or smelled) what it'll be like on my skin.

And lastly a few items of clothing, but they're all from charity shops so it doesn't even really count! The first is a lovely  (if slightly itchy) Zara sweater that I paid £1.85 for - it's a nice chocolate brown and shout fit in well with my wardrobe. The there's a slightly odd blouse that's by some random shop I've never heard of - I suspect it's old lady clothing, but I'm down with that. It's oddly gothic/grunge looking and I think I can make some cool looks with it - I paid £2.50 for it. And lastly a cute little batwing cardigan in a lovely dark plum colour, originally from Monsoon. It's not the most flattering style on me cause of my bust, but it was just too pretty to pass by - it was £3.50 so it's not exactly the end of the world if I don't wear it that much!

So that's that for another month, is anyone else freaking out at how fast February flew past?! Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave any comments below and if you'd like to, there's buttons on the side to follow me on twitter, bloglovin, facebook or Instagram!

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