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Monday, 17 February 2014

FOTD: Rainy Day Makeup

That's right, there's only so long that I can pretend I'm walking around every day in powder perfect makeup when in reality it's rather apocalyptic outside and being smacked in the face by falling tree branches is a more significant concern than whether or not my highlighter has just the right amount of shimmer. As weather all over the UK is wet, wet and for good measure, extra wet it got me thinking that I can't be the only one who's losing the will slightly? Surely others are affected by the eternal lack of sunshine? It probably doesn't affect us half as much as the poor folks without electricity/water free living rooms (hugs if you're living where it's really bad) but still, the weather must be taking a toll on everyone and I for one have chucked in the towel (rain, wet, towel... see what I did there?!) and have started sporting a more weather friendly makeup look. So here it is folks, my Rainy Weather Makeup Look.

So, that's everything I'm wearing on pretty much a daily basis at the moment and everything is chosen for practical reasons really. Powder and non waterproof liquids have been the first to go; your blush sliding to your chin and mascara raccoon eyes is not a great look, so I've switched to a good waterproof mascara (though I actually prefer the Bourjois Paris Clubbing Mascara - but I'm not buying it 'til I finish this one) and switched products that are normally powder like highlighter and blush, for either cream or stain options.
With eyes it's definitely less is more for me; less product applied means less to drip off and touch up. Some nice smudgy brown liner to add definition but also to be a little softer than a black. And obviously the lovely Posietint that I've used on my cheeks (though you may have noticed in the photo, I just have a sample version, and if this weather keeps up I may just have to buy the full size. Darn it.) could also go on your lips too, but I like the Max Factor lip tint as it's a) very durable and b) it's quite a nice strong colour so it's kind of bright and cheery amongst the sea of grey that is the outside world at the moment.

So that's my rainy weather FOTD, as they say, necessity is the mother of invention and that's most certainly the situation here. Have you adapted your makeup look to fit the recent weather? What super waterproof/durable products do you recommend?

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