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Saturday, 1 February 2014

January Collective Haul

Hauls are some of my favourite posts to read (and videos to watch) and I enjoy writing my own too - not lease because it involves shopping. However, with my budget tiny at the moment, it's unlikely I'll be doing any real shopping sprees and resulting hauls. However, I still do accumulate little bits here and there, and so I thought I'd do a monthly collective haul and show some of the little things I've purchased over the month. I haven't seen hauls done like this before (and maybe there's a reason for that) but I figured I'd give it a shot!

Make up and Nails

As far as I'm aware, I haven't bought any makeup this month! Wow! I have been good, maybe I should get a little treat... no Kitty, stick with the program. Focus.

There are a few new nail varnishes in my collection though; all from Barry M. Boots had them buy one get one half price you see. I purchased two from the matte collection; Vanilla and Caramel, nice neutrals that are so wearable and I just love. Then my sister kindly treated me to the matte white (which confusingly is not in the matte collection), which has been a nail epiphany frankly. So flattering, so chic, so perfect for every outfit - white nails are the way 
 forward for me!

Face Stuff, Body Care and Other Misc Toiletries

I've banned myself from body butter purchases until I use up some of the ones that I have, so there's nothing in the body category this month. (Or for the foreseeable future, hopefully). I did get a new facial cleanser this month as I've been really lazy with taking my makeup off of late. It's from LUSH (what a shock) and it's the Aqua Marina face and body cleasnser. I've only used it once so far, so can't really comment. But it's a very pleasant experience and I 
have high hopes.

I did also make one other LUSH purchase and that was a bath bomb - a new one to me, the Blackberry bath bomb. I'm trying to work my way through trying every bomb I haven't tried; it's a tough quest, but someone's gotta do it. I'm not entirely sure of how to describe the smell of this one; it's a kind of dark/fruity smell I suppose. I'll write a full review when I use it.


Couple of things in this category this month. The first is from Topshop of all places - not somewhere I ever go. It's just a simple statement style necklace, but it seemed like I'd get a lot of wear out of it, and, reduced from £12.50 to £2.50 it was to much of a bargain to pass up.

I also picked up a couple of little things in the Accessorize 70% off sale. A gorgeous black and gold braid style short necklace that was reduced to £3.60. I think this will be gorgeous worn with collared shirts/dresses. And a simple cuff bracelet that cost £1.20, and I was just drawn to for some reason. I guess I don't really own any simple bracelets.

Oh and actually, my sister bought me these but I just had to include them; how cute are these little fruity socks?! They're from Accessorize also (we do love their sale!)


OK, I wasn't great here this month, there's a few things, but they're all charity/sale so that's not so bad. First thing was a cardigan from New Look. It's grey and snuggly and so, so soft. I actually ordered two (one this colour and one in cream) purely on a whim when I saw the reduction from £30 to £9. They're both beautiful but my sister took the cream one off my hands.

Secondly, I (after donating to charity about 6 pairs of now ill-fitting trousers - curse my booty) bought a pair of very simple patterned trousers from H&M. Despite the pattern I think the blue/black colour mix makes them very wearable (that being said, I haven't worn them yet) and they're a good fit. Also a bit of a bargain at £5.

From a charity shop I also picked up this dress for £4. It's originally from Wallis and it's a good fit on me, so very much a worthwhile buy. Polka Dots are on trend this season, but not really in the style of this dress, still it allows me to dip my toes int the polka dot pool and see if I wear it enough to warrant a bigger purchase.

Lastly, I also purchased this top from a charity shop for £1.50. It's originally from Topshop and it's great for me as I've been trying to wear more pink - it's often a flattering colour on me but I never wear it because it's too "girly".

And so that's my collective January Haul. No big splurges in sight (and none on the horizon) but I've picked up some odds and ends to keep me cheerful, and having new things to play with. 

What's your favourite purchase this January? Were you on a budget or did you splurge? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. I do love the Barry M Nail Colors, some great clothes picks too :) xx
    Do come & visit my Stila Giveaway.


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