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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Love is in the Air - Nails of the Month

Left to right above:
Revlon, Sublime Strawberry // Barry M , 264 (name is missing from my bottle!) // Revlon, Grape Fizz // Essie, My Better Half // Models Own, Mystic Mauve // Rimmel Lycra Pro, Ultra Violet // Models Own, Strawberry Tart // Models Own, Pink Paradise
Love is in the air with Valentines Day fast approaching, and it sure does make me feel all girly... or well, at least it makes my nails go all girly.  Yup this month sugary pinks and purples are on my nails - a mix of more classic shades, to modern twists and even a couple of sweet scented numbers.

Models Own, Pink Paradise // This is a topcoat really, no matter how many layers you apply it just doesn't build up to stand on it's own. It is a gorgeous topcoat though; it's small shards of holographic pink and silver colours, suspended in a pale pink liquid. It looks fantastic over a paler pink or, even better, white.

Essie, My Better Hal// This is a warm toned medium pink that contains throughout it very fine pink glitter. It's not sparkly nail varnish, but the glitter catches the light when you move your hand and it gives a great sense of depth. This is a pretty classic, candy pink but the shimmer really gives it another dimension, and re-works the classic.

Rimmel Lycra Pro, Ultra Violet // A more wearable colour here, but still girly and Valentines Day appropriate. Purple, especially a lovely warm violet such as this, serves as a great Valentines alternative for people who either don't like pink, or don't feel it suits them. This polish applies and wears super well too, so if you want to feel romantic all week, rather than just for one special night, then look no further.

Models Own, Strawberry Tart (S'cuse the cat hair on the swatch nail, don't panic it's in the photo not your screen. Bloody cats.) // A super sweet scented delight from Models Own. It smells, as the name would suggest, like a strawberry tart. This is a great colour to wear, both for Valentines and also, being a pastel, it's great for spring time in general. 

Barry M, 264 (sorry, missing name) // The second of the topcoats I've chosen, this one is made up of pale pink and silver glitter suspended in a pale pink liquid. The finish is pretty unique though, very pastel coloured and wearable over a wide variety of other colours; I've worn it with black, white and a myriad of pinks and purples. It's very delicate and feminine, yet its versatility makes it a good polish to have in your collection even if you're not big on super girly Valentines nails.

 Revlon, Grape Fizz // Another scented polish here, this one from Revlon. Grape Fizz looks crazy sparkly int the bottle but actually applies a lot more subdued on the nail; it can be worn as a top coat, or on it's own and yes, you've guessed it, it smells like grape candy. 

Models Own, Mystic Mauve // A more alternative take on pink nails comes in the form of this metallic silver/pink/purple from Models Own. Very unique and eye catching, it's less obvious than some of the other pinks, but still gives a nod to the Valentines romance.

Revlon, Sublime Strawberry // Our last polish is another scented one from Revlon, strawberry smelling and with a vibrant, shimmery pink colour to match - it doesn't get more Valentines appropriate than this. The shimmer in this is far more subtle than in the Essie version, but it still has a wonderful depth and movement to it, and plus, who doesn't love scented nail varnishes?

So those are my super-girly, sugary sweet nail picks for Valentines - what are yours?


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