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Friday, 14 February 2014

LUSH Butterball Bath Bomb | Review

**This post was updated slightly in October 2017 to fix broken links, mostly**

 So, it's no secret that I have a deep love for all things LUSH, but I will admit to being a bit unfamiliar with their bath bomb range. For a long time I just didn't do baths (don't panic people, I showered) and when I started taking baths again I sort of found one bath bomb I liked and stuck to it. But now, my quest to try all of the bath bombs is underway, and this month's version is Butterball (link removed as the product was discontinued).

Butterballs cost £2.50 each making them some of the lower priced bath bombs - they are also quite small, but fear not; they still do one heck of a job.

They smell like vanilla, but not like a super-sweet vanilla ice cream kinda scent, which is probably to do with the (synthetic) musk fragrance they've added too. It balances out into a lovely soft, relaxing smell that really isn't overpowering.

But what makes a Butterball so great? Well (as I tried and utterly failed to photograph), a Butterball contains lovely little chunks of cocoa butter which melt with the heat of the bath water and make the whole tub-full of water feel super silky and luxurious. Also, it's very, very moisturising on the skin - always a plus, especially in the dead of winter.

Now, I have no issue with Butterball not putting on much of a "show", no glitter, no confetti, no popping candy, but it is a little odd that it produces no bubbles or colour - you just kind of lie in a bath of clear water and y'know, you can see yourself, which is not a view I necessarily enjoy or find relaxing. Now truthfully, if I had normal skin I would probably just add in some bubblebar/bubble bath and gain some 'coverage' that way, but one of the things that's great about Butterball is how gentle it is on my sensitive skin, and it just seems kind of counterproductive for me to undo all the soothing and moisturising by adding other things in. 

After you leave the bath, Butterball does leave a kind of oily residue on the skin, but I mean that in the nicest way possible - as in, it feels like you've applied lovely cocoa butter or body oil, not that you feel greasy or slimy. I think that in winter, when skin gets as dry as it does, a Butterball is a lovely gift to give yourself - a nice hot bath that will not only relax you but will also serve as a skin-rehab... and it'll save you from having to moisturise when you get out of the bath which is great for lazy people like me... or you know, if you're legitimately busy or something. 

What do you think of Butterball? Or what's your favourite bath bomb? Which do you recommend I try next? 


  1. I liked Butterball, but I do love a colourful bath so its not my all time favourite. I really like twilight, think pink and sex bomb :)


    1. Thanks for commenting!
      It's interesting that those three are your favourites - I haven't tried any of them! If I remember corretly I think I wasn't a big fan of the smell of Think Pink, but Twilight is the next one on my to buy list!

    2. I love your posts. They are really entertaining and thorough and you make me giggle :) xx

    3. Thank you so much for taking the time to read - I'm glad you liked it!


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