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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Mini MUA Haul

So MUA - the budget makeup line from Superdrug, is a brand I'm not hugely familiar with. I picked up a couple of things a while back, placed them in a drawer and forgot about them. You know, as you do. Anyway, I recently stumbled across a couple of them (the Heaven and Earth eyeshadow palette and their Power Pout lip crayon in Runway) the eyeshadow is meh, I wouldn't repurchase and I haven't used: I still think if I was on a mega budget I'd save a little longer for a Sleek palette (though I suppose their double the price at £8...but anyway). The lip crayon however, I kinda like. It's not hugely pigmented but it's glossy enough that when it fades it doesn't look stupid and the colour is really flattering.

So anyway, to cut a long and boring story short (not short enough, I hear you say) when I was lamenting my lack of Spring appropriate blushers and lack of budget to do anything about it the other day, I decided to give MUA another chance to impress... and of course, a couple of other things fell in the basket. Don't you hate that that always happens?

MUA Mosaic Brozer in Shade One £2.50 (not available online)

So I chose two blushers and when I swatched them on my fingers in store I was impressed with the pigmentation, but I also opted for a slightly bolder pink than normal thinking that if they fade quickly or don't apply well then I'd be better starting with a stronger colour. So Marshmallow is a totally candy, plasticy pink (I mean that in the nicest way possible) and Lolly is a more orange toned, shimmery pink.

I also grabbed a bronzer because that's something basically new to me and I figure it's better to take my baby steps and make my (many) mistakes with something cheap. I have no idea if it's the right colour for me, I can honestly say that I bought it because it was pretty! Oops. Anway, first impressions are that pigmentation seems good but that it may be a little too shimmery for my liking.

And lastly, we have a lipstick. I went for a classic, wearable red as I LOVE a matte red (does it get more chic?). I would say the colour payoff is better than I expected, but not necessarily amazing. It's very matte but first wear impressions are that it fades kinda patchy which is annoying for someone like me who hates touching up makeup. That being said though, for £1 I reckon it's pretty good, especially if you're looking to try something new out like matte formula or a new colour you're a bit scared of.

This is probably pretty obvious but just to confirm, above, left to right//
Lolly Blusher
Marshmallow Blusher
Scarlet Siren Lipstick 
So that's my little mini haul, I'll follow with reviews I'm sure - unless I forget about the products and leave them in a drawer (again!!).

Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave comments or suggestions below (especially of products I should try - or avoid - from MUA), also there's buttons on the sidebar if you'd like to follow me on social media.


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