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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

My Curly Hair Care Routine (Or Lack Thereof)

Assortment of hair products on a bathroom shelf

I love reading these kinds of posts and watching these sorts of videos from people for all the normal reasons; learning about products, being nosy about other people's lives... but also, I have a bizarre fascination with the whole thing because it's like an alien world to me. I do so, so little with my hair compared to most people! I spend a lot of time wondering if I should do more, and while I certainly don't have perfect hair, I do generally fall into the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" camp with the whole thing. So here's my hair care routine and products, I apologise now for the lack or erm... everything.

What kind of hair do I have?

Probably a good start point so that you can determine if anything in here is relevant to you! I have long, thick, curly hair. When wet it's down to just below my bust, but being so curly, it sits significantly shorter when it's dry and springs into ringlets. It's super thick, like honestly, I spend significant amounts of time in summer worrying about wasps and small birds becoming trapped in there *shudder*. I've always had naturally very curly hair and I never straighten in now (I did in my teens) so it incurs very little heat damage and I also don't colour my hair... although I am fighting the urge to do we'll see. It's mostly alright, but it certainly leans the way of dry, frizzy and breakable rather than greasy... I literally have no idea what greasy hair feels like.


So, I supsect people will run away, spraying disinfectant as they do so at this point, but, I only was my hair every 7-9 days. I know, I know it's not exactly the norm. But actually, this is what I've always been told by every hair dresser I've ever known - that it should be washed less than once a week. In all honesty, I don't ever say you know, that I wash my hair every Sunday or whatever, I just go by look and feel when it needs done and on average that's every eight days. I guess I'm just lucky as I know my little sister (who has very fine hair) washes hers every few days - I won that gene pool battle then! So, if you've all stopped being repulsed I shall move on to tell you what products I actually use.

LUSH Karma Komba shampoo bar

For shampoo I use the LUSH Karma Komba bar which a sales assistant recommended to me about 18 months ago and I bought - with a huge feeling of skepticism. I have literally never considered buying a different shampoo since, I am a Karma Komba convert. The only way I'd stop using it is if they stop making it - and even then I'd probably chain myself up outside the store in some mad shampoo bar costume. Anyway, I was recommended Karma Komba as it good at really getting through thick hair right to the scalp and making you just feel clean -  whereas sometimes other shampoos just seem to struggle with the thickness of my hair, no matte how much I use. The shampoo bar also lasts forever, is much easier to travel with (weighs next to nothing and isn't subject to the pesky 100ml limit) and, it's much harder to get some in your eye which I do all the time with liquid shampoo and end up walking around for days with a bloodshot eye. Sexy.

LUSH jungle conditioner bar

My conditioner is also a bar and also from LUSH - I swear this isn't a sponsored post! I use the Jungle conditioner bar. I do love it, especially the smell, but if I'm being honest it's not quite as perfect for my hair as the shampoo is. It's fantastic at detangling (a big concern with curls like mine) and it leaves my hair really manageable, but it doesn't give me quite the moisture I need.

LUSH American Cream and Umberto Gianini mask
Umberto Gianni Curl Friends Intensive Mask (now discontinued!)

So every second wash I use either a hair mask or a thicker conditioner to really give it a boost of hydration. My favourite conditioner is (also from LUSH... this is getting embarrassing) American Cream which has the yummiest milkshake smell and makes my hair so soft. However I do find it a little heavy to use every time, so every second wash works well for it. Masks I switch out a lot, I haven't fallen in love with one yet, at the moment I have the Umberto Giannini Curl Friends Intensive mask - and it's good and it helps, but I don't think it's special. Anyway, whatever mask I'm using I just apply to the bottom half(ish) of my hair.
Post Washing

I never blow dry my hair, otherwise I'd have an afro so big I couldn't fit through doors; no amount of serum would solve that problem! Also, brace yourself for another shocking hair revelation: I don't own a brush or a comb. *lady in the audience screams and faints* Fear not, I do 'comb' my hair just not with an, erm, comb. I use my fingers. I spend a good chunk of time after washing it running my fingers through until there are no tugs and I have removed all the dead hair - it might sound crazy, but again it's what I've been told to do by hairdressers - apparently it causes less breakage in curly hair. 

So I then do one of two things. If I'm trying to give my hair a little TLC I apply some of Umberto Gianni Overnight Moisture balm - a good dose of it, then I plait my hair in a side pony and I'll sleep on it like that. In the morning, I use the Umberto Gianni Curl Friends Scrunching Jelly to work in some definition and control, and I also use a mousse - generally the KMS Curk Up Foam (If I'm feeling flush) or more often, the Umberto Gianni Curl Friends Mousse. Doing my hair like this means it's a lot bigger and less controllable so this is a no no for any day where you're going to be out in the wind, rain or around low flying birds *shudder*.

Alberto Balsam Ultra Strong Styling Gel
Alberto Balsam Ultra Strong Styling Gel (now discontinued!)

Option number two when getting out of the shower is to 'ringlet' my hair. Basically twisting chunks of it together so that my natural curls are still there, but kind of grouped and more controlled. It's a revelation for curly hair though admittedly when I was first shown it I thought I looked like some weird show dog, but I've gotten used to it. Just call me Fido. I use the cheapest of cheap hair gels for this. I have actually tried fancier, more specialised ones but they are either equally effective or actually less so, so I just use the Alberto Balsam Ultra Strong Styling Gel.

Maintenance and Styling

Erm, I don't do any. Does putting in a hair pin or two count? No? Okay, well if I wash and ringlet my hair that's probably all I need to do for the week. Every day I wake up and you know, it's curly so I kind of do nothing. Sometimes, if the weather is bad or I've been oddly rough on my hair, I might spritz it with water or rinse it and then re-ringlet it... but not often. If I need to I apply some Scrunching Jelly if it starts to look a little frizzy... but yeah, that's it really. If I put my hair up (which I only do if I have to) I just use bog standard Primark hair ties, or a pencil, or actually I can tie my hair in on itself and it just stays up - that's how thick it is! In terms of cutting my hair, I also, erm, don't. Well I trim the ends of myself when I think they look a little ratty, but I haven't set foot in a hairdressers since late 2006! Sometimes I toy with the idea of going and getting layers cut through it again, it would give it a much nicer shape, but with my hair they are such a pain - they either look brilliant or, when they grow out slightly, absolutely awful. Also, if I then don't want layers anymore, it literally takes about five years for it all to grow and even out. Not worth it.

Gah, we were doing alright up until the end there, then we just sort of died a death, but hey, it's the truth, my hair is unbelievably low maintenance. I think the grass is always greener on the other side though; I watch lots of hair tutorials on YouTube and wish I could do that, but the reality is - to have the thinner, straighter hair to do that, I'd have to spend more time brushing and washing and maintaining it which deep down, I know I would hate!
So, thanks for reading along, if you have any comments please feel free to leave them below! Especially if you have similar hair/hair routine, I'd love you hear from you. There's also buttons on the sidebar if you wish to follow me on any social media stuff.

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