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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

My First elf Haul

So, I actually ordered this stuff a while ago, around Christmas time, but I'm just getting round to this post now, partly because I kind of forgot, because I wanted to use things a couple of times so I could give kind of 'first impressions' as I'm new to the brand.

So firstly, let's take a look at what I ordered - basically everything was in the sale, and since I wasn't sure of what was 'good' from this brand, I thought this would be a good way to dip my toes in.

Firstly, I got a blush, not in the sale at £3.75, in the colour Mellow Mauve.  I really like the packaging, it's very sophisticated, and colour wise; the blush a dusky pink with purple undertones, but it's still warm toned enough for me - and also super pretty. It's very wintery and should be very flattering on my skin tone. 'Should' being the operative word there. I can't see it to tell! The pigmentation in this seems to be entirely absent, even swatching it on my hand, I can hardly see it. Given that Sleek blushes - with much higher pigmentation - sell for less than a pound more (at £4.49) I can't fathom any reason why I would buy an elf blush again! Disappointed here.

I then bought a couple of eyeshadows as that's kinda my thing - it's my favourite makeup to play with. I got an Eye Enhancing mini palette (in the sale for £2.40), designed to flatter hazel/green eyes (which is what I have). It consists of six colours; four shimmer and two matte. There's two pale neutrals, a moss green, a very light pink, a violet and a very dark, midnight blue.There's a little mirror in the packaging and one of those foam applicator things that nobody uses. I wouldn't have chosen the colours myself but hey, if they're supposed to be flattering, I'll give it a shot. I haven't worn every colour yet but so far, I'm not overly impressed with the quality, for the price though, it's probably about right.

I also bought the 48 eyeshadow Glam Holidays book for £4.00 (it was half price), now I knew this wasn't going to be high quality stuff for the price, but I've never had one of those huge cheap palettes and I caved in, because deep down, I'm an eight year old. I liked that this one was mostly neutrals, which somehow justified me buying it. Apparently. On the plus side, I would say the quality of the eyeshadows in here isn't any worse than those in the more expensive palettes (like the one above), and in fact, there are a few that are pretty decent and wearable. Worth buying to finally have one, but I wouldn't repurchase.

Last eyeshadow was the Brightening Eye Colour in Hazy Hazel. It's a quad and also contains basically the most pointless mirror of all time - it's hidden under the foam applicator. The mix of colours (a champagne, a golden-taupe, a dusky purple and a chocolate brown - all shimmer) is really nice and could make some good looks. The pigmentation isn't great, but it can be built up and so while I wouldn't repurchase this, I will get some wear out of it.

I then purchased the Mineral Infused Mascara - full price at £3.75 which I think is the only thing I would go out of my way to repurchase to be honest. It's a plastic brush which isn't generally my thing, but this one is pretty effective. It does hold the product a little unevenly but truthfully I think the formula is pretty good and I like what it does for my lashes. It's pretty cheap too.

Lastly, I purchased two of the Luscious Liquid Lipsticks (in Bark and Strawberry) that were in the sale for £0.75 each. The pigmentation is a lot better than I thought and they also taste like peppermint slice (the yummy minty cakes) which is pleasant, on the downside the formula is sticky and doesn't last long on the lips. I guess though, for cheap lipgloss (which is what it is - it's nothing like a lip stick) you could do a lot worse. 

And so that's my first and probably last haul from elf. I think basically that while no, I couldn't get anything as cheap as this for better quality, I could spend a pound or two more on Sleek and do a lot better. That being said, a lot of people do like Elf and so maybe I'm just too used to Urban Decay and Sleek eyeshadows to be able to appreciate this properly. 

I'll possibly do more full reviews/looks if there's any interest or if I find I'm using something more/ change my mind about something.

Do you use elf products? What do you like? Have I just chosen really badly? Is there a product you recommend? 


  1. I think I picked some rubbish things too so I'm not that fussed with E.L.F anymore. I had a large palette but gave it away . I prefer urban Decay definitely ! I got thr trio of eyeshadows too but wasn't keen. Just underwhelmed. Saying they I really want that nail cube that they have Ha ha xx

    1. Yeah, I don't think I'll be placing another order any time soon! I've played with the stuff a bit more since this post but there's really nothing I like much. I just looked up the nail cube thing you mentioned - and yeah, that does look pretty awesome! xx


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