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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

My Winter Coat | February 2014

So, I've been kicking myself for not making more effort to do more outfit of the day posts (now that I've gotten over the initial fear). Now, part of this is laziness on my part - I never have a good face, hair and outfit day simultaneously... seriously. Partly, weather and poor in-house lighting has played a part too, but overwhelmingly, I think the reason is that it's February, it's Scotland, I'm basically living in my winter coat and boots (whether I like it or not). 

So here it is, my winter 2013/2014 coat and boot uniform outfit. Now, I like this coat, really I do, but I have been taken aback by how many other people seem to like it, and seem to need to tell me. I am stopped in the street, in shops, at work by people who just seem to love it and ask where it's from, to which I respond... it's from a charity shop. I know, is there a more frustrating answer when you ask someone that question?!? Anyway, it is from a charity shop, and I believe I paid all of £3.25 for it. Bargain. I actually bought it ages ago and kind of shoved it under my bed and forgot about it - as you do with coats in June. Well probably not the shoving under the bed thing, that might just be me. But anyway, I fished it out come October and, after debating for quite some time if I would actually walk down the street wearing a travel rug, it became my coat for the winter. Originally it's from some tiny, local make (Burns Country), and I imagine, being wool, that a) I probably got a good bargain and b) it's pretty warm.

Even with its' wooly warmth it being about 4 sizes too big means that it does let somewhat of a draft in and for that reason I always wear it paired with my Arran knit cardigan - just in case the coat wasn't making me look Scottish enough y'know. The cardigan is also second hand, but purchased from a retro/vintage shop in Glasgow called Mr. Ben. I've had it a couple of years now and worn it so many times I can't even remember. It cost £25, but it's handloomed and 100% pure new wool, and the quality is really outstanding - though mine has a few marks on it now! It's also oversized but not as comically so as the coat, and it helps keep the cold Scottish winds out. I meant to take my coat off to actually show you it, but it was far, far too cold! I'm sure you'll see it soon as I wear it basically every day.

With my coat being so bold I've been keeping my bottom half somewhat plain as I (for some reason) don't think that more tartan or some fetching hounds-tooth is going to help matters here. I've mostly been wearing my basic black H&M jeans (£10) which is boring and unusual for me, I'm usually a skirt/dress kinda gal. 

Footwear is mostly my Nine West leather hi-top boots that I've been living in since I got them for Christmas. They're so comfy for walking in and they keep my feet so nice and warm. I like them with the coat, I think they give things a slightly tougher look. 

Accessories, well again, I think with this coat, less is more - I've just been wearing a plain black pashmina (that was from eBay for about £2, years ago) tied as a scarf. I kept meaning to buy an actual black scarf, but I just never got round to it, and to be honest I think this looks OK.

So that's my winter coat - I've enjoyed having one that isn't on the High Street, though I'm aware it's maybe a less interesting read for you because of that. Sorry!


  1. I love how that coat kind of looks a blanket turned coat :-D

    1. Lol I know it really is like a picnic rug that someone has sewn sleeves onto! So warm though, if it's wrong, I don't want to be right!


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