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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Nails Inc of the Month: St. Martin's Lane

So, since we last spoke about the Nails Inc Diary (here) I have been very good and have completely resisted the urge to swatch, try on or otherwise covet any future colours. It hasn't been easy but hey, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger... apparently.

Anyway, for anyone who didn't read the last post, and has never seen the Nails Inc Diary here area  couple of photos to drool over. Observant readers might notice that I'm using the same photos as in previous posts and yes, that would be because I've since managed to spill something (tea? body lotion?) over the front of the box and it's left a big dirty mark. Well done Kitty.

 Ain't it purdy? Well as you can clearly see, February's is a warm, pink-toned purple that, if I'm honest probably didn't scream seasonally appropriate at me. I guess I wear purples more in the autumn and winter whereas about now I am done with rain, wind and waterproof mascara. Bring me flowers, sunshine and ice cream... or at least, please, a day without rain.
 Anyway, in the bottle this looks like a mid toned purple, pretty enough but pretty similar to several other nail varnishes I already own, so in all honesty, I wasn't super excited to try this one out.

Actually though, it applies much darker to the nails than it appears in the bottle, it's also a much more complex colour than it might first appear. The pink tones that I mentioned earlier? Well they're definitely there, but as like beautiful highlights amongst the very dark purple - it really is a unique colour and to be honest why I ever expected anything less from Nails Inc. I don't know.

As far as formula goes it's the usual Nails Inc. high standard, although this one did take three coats for me, but that might have been me not applying it brilliantly well. I topped it off with the Nails Inc Kensington Caviar top coat (that was January's polish) and as I type this I'm on day three and there's no sign of a chip. Thank God really as, as much I love nail varnish, I hate painting my nails. I'm clumsy, impatient and there's cat fluff everywhere in my room - not a great 'flawless finish' nails combo is it?

There's nothing quite like running a beauty blog to make you see your flaws - geez, the state of my cuticles. Anyway, that's all from me today, I'm off to lock the rest of the diary away and give someone the key to stop me playing with them! 

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