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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Stila Seeing Stars Smudge Stick Set | Review

The Seeing Stars set was an impulse buy and my first foray into Stila products. I can't really beat myself up for the impulse buy though, it was in the January sales and the set was reduced from £25 to I think somewhere around £6 - so it was definitely a bargain and a good way to try a new brand out, and who doesn't love doing that?
Stila Smudge Sticks

The set contains five smudge sticks in what I thought was a good mix of colours - some I would have chosen and some I wouldn't have. They are also propeller pencils, which I'm not that familiar with. For anyone who, like me, has no idea how to work a propeller pencil, here's some tips: it doesn't work by pushing it, trying to rip it in half or swearing at it. No, you just twist the lower section (lightly and slowly.. ahem) and more product comes out. Like I said, I'm not used to this new fangled technology, I'm a pencil and sharpener kinda gal. Anyway, even after I got the twisty thing nailed, I'm still not sure I like propellers as much as 'normal' pencils. There's pros and cons, obviously the big pro of a propeller is that you don't have the worry of remembering or the potential mess of carrying a sharpener, but the downside is that you don't ever get a nice fine tip - once flattened it stays that way, even when twisted up.

From Left to Right:
Angelfish // Moray // Tetra // Stargazer // Oscarfish
From Top to Bottom:
 Angelfish // Moray // Tetra // Stargazer // Oscarfish

So let's talk about the colours a little more. Firstly there's Angelfish which is a pale, metallic nude. Like all the smudge sticks in this set, it contains super fine glitter, which unfortunately means that as awesome as Angelfish would look on the water line, it's a no-no for me. Bloodshot eyes ain't a great look. Typically I wear Angelfish under my lower lash line on more subtle makeup days - it gives my eyes a nice, bright look. 

Secondly there's Moray which is a gorgeous moss green that contains gold glitter/shimmer. Green is my favourite colour and even though it's not brilliantly flattering on my hazel/green eyes, I wear it a lot as eye makeup 'cos I'm such a rebel.

Thirdly there's Tetra, which, from the packaging looks like a deep, dusky mauve - which would have been gorgeous, but unfortunately it has pink and purple glitter through it and in a lot of ways it's the pink glitter that you see, which just isn't a look I'm into.

Up next there's Stargazer which is black with silver and gold glitter (I think, it's slightly more hard to tell with this one). I've been enjoying this a lot and using it under my lower lash line to create grungy looks - I feel the glitter that's in there helps chic it up a bit (read: make look less like my 14 year old mosher self).

And finally, there's Oscarfish which is a warm, chocolate brown with copper glitter through it. I love this one for wearing on my eyelid, right down by my lashes and smudging it out a little when I have some super minimalistic neutral eyeshadow going on - it's really flattering and super easy to apply like this.

The formula of these  Stila eyeliners is really good in terms of application and wear. They're highly pigmented and very creamy - and you really do have a good few seconds to work them in, which I really like. They stay put very well also, I haven't had to reapply (or rather looked in the mirror, realised I needed to reapply but had forgotten the eyeliner, my usual).

For me the glitter means they're a no-no on the water line, which means they're not as handy to shove in a makeup for travel/on the go as they lack versatility somewhat, but then maybe some people can still wear them on their water line?

Would I buy them again?
 That's usually the key question in a product review, and unfortunately I don't really have a clear answer. Full price, each of these liners is £13 and I think I can safely say, with that being just £1 less than the Holy Grail of eyeliners (Urban Decay, of course) I wouldn't repurchase any of these. But, I got them for a lot less than that and I have really enjoyed playing with them, and making some looks I probably wouldn't have otherwise, and so I think it's safe to say that I'll be keeping my eye out on next year's sales and I would definitely snap up some more there.

Quality wise I think these products are really great; the issues I have with them are more to do with personal preference than there actually being problems with the products and maybe, if I try some of the non shimmer/glitter variety I'll feel differently in the future.

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