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Sunday, 2 February 2014

LUSH Close To You Massage Bar | Review

I squealed and bounced about in my seat when I saw that LUSH's Valentines Day limited editions had appeared on their site. (Yes, I do check the LUSH website daily *sigh* you  should see the size of my wishlist. It's essentially the entire website.) However my closest LUSH is about an hour away and so I rely on alternative method of delivery; carrier-sister. Much like carrier pigeons, the carrier sister is a highly efficient service that can be trusted with important tasks. Carrier sisters have a homing beacon and will always return to the home of their GHDs. Unfortunately, unlike carrier pigeons, the sister variety does not navigate using the magnetic fields of the Earth, and nor is the package strapped to her leg, meaning that on occasion, your parcel may end up spending the night at a flat in Glasgow or in a handbag somewhere. Nevertheless, I am insanely grateful to my sister for regularly (all too regularly, ahem) going into LUSH and picking things up for me. And transporting them safely home in paper bags in the rain - not the easiest thing, in fact it seems largely beyond the skill level of Royal Mail.

Anyway, when the day came for this LUSH run, my sister asked what  Valentines Day product I wanted, then ignored me with a raised eyebrow while I responded with "EVERYTHING". 20 minutes later, I had talked myself down to one item and she was dispatched with her instructions. 

LUSH Close To You Massage Bar

So, my massage bar arrived home safely, and it was love at first, erm, sniff. This smells much sweeter than my 'usual' LUSH massage bar (Hottie), it's a much more girlie smell, which usually, just isn't for me I guess - for those LUSH pros, it has the same smell as Rock Star soap and the Candy Mountain bubble bar. I kinda like the sweetness of this smell though, for a change anyway.

It's also much softer than other bars I've tried, which on one hand, means I suspect it won't last as long, but on the other hand, it makes it seem so much more relaxing and luxurious.

Like all LUSH massage bars it melts beautifully on the skin - although please be careful where you store them, I once left one on my desk, the sun came in and I spent an evening then chipping the melted massage bar off of my stationary. It only takes seconds to begin coating your skin in the wonderful smelling, moisturising goodness. As regular readers may know, my skin is very sensitive, but I've never incurred any reaction from this massage bar or any others from LUSH.

LUSH Close To You Massage Bar

I find using this bar to be an absolute treat - it really helps me unwind at the end of the day and it's really good for my skin too. I don't like the softer consistency as much, so I don't think it would become my regular bar... which is just as well really as it's limited edition anyway! I would definitely purchase it again though if it were to become available next year, as it's just such a sweet smelling joy. 

 Have you tried this or any of the Valentines products from LUSH? Or do you have a massage bar recommendation from there?
LUSH Close To You Massage Bar

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